Connecticut history

Fallout Continues over Duff Comments

Will Andrew McDonald be confirmed as the next chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court? “I don’t know,” is the answer from both parties. Today on Face the State we will discuss with Senate Republican President Len Fasano and Democratic State Senator Douglas McCrory. Both were asked about their reaction to last week’s Face the State, when Majority Leader Bob Duff said the GOP opposes McDonald because they are anti-gay.

Duff’s comments have been discussed in depth in the media this past week, and Fasano is furious about what Duff said. Does McCrory agree with Duff? Tune in today at 11.

Also on the broadcast, Republican candidate Peter Lumaj, who was asked to weigh in on the McDonald confirmation battle and about his views on immigration. Lumaj emigrated from Albania, and will share his conservative view on deportations, and his ideas for governing Connecticut.

Our flashback takes us back to the Channel 3 studios 50 years ago this week. The big news of the month was Senator Robert Kennedy’s entrance into the 1968 presidential race days after an unpopular President Lyndon Johnson barely won the New Hampshire primary. Johnson was dogged by the Vietnam War and protests across the nation to his policies in Southeast Asia.

Connecticut Senator Thomas Dodd was our guest on our program Congressional Report, a predecessor to Face the State and was asked by Channel 3’s Tom Eaton if he was supporting Kennedy.   You’ll see the old film and watch Dodd’s response.

Tune in today at 11AM on Face the State on WFSB-TV.

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