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Lamont: “I Won’t be Just Another Democratic Governor”

It’s been a while since Ned Lamont has been on Face the State, after a span of years when he was a frequent guest running for the U.S. Senate in 2006 and governor in 2010. He’s back, running for governor in 2018.

Last time he ran for chief executive Lamont was critical of Governor Rell,  and on Face the State in February 2010, he blamed the state’s  problems on her.

February 2010: “At the end of the day the governor needs to be held accountable. That’s what a CEO does.”


Eight years later, I asked him during our taping for Sunday if that means Lamont is blaming the current fiscal crisis on the current governor?

“I think I would have tried to do more sooner…….. Instead of sitting around increasing tax rates I would have pushed for fundamental tax reform……… You can’t run a business that way, you can’t run a state that way.”

Lamont says he is focused on improving our state, which has seen many Nutmeggers, including his neighbors in Greenwich,  head to Florida.   He told me he loves Connecticut and all of its assets. calling it a great place to live.   I asked Lamont “how do you compete with a state that has warmer weather and no income tax?”   Part of his response:  “I think Delray (Beach) on a Thursday night is pretty boring.”  

Lamont also answered a question about Amazon’s rejection as a site for its future headquarters:   “I would have taken the lead as governor, instead we pieced it out and let mayors take a shot.     We’re not going to let the next Amazon slip by.”

How will Lamont’s 2018 message play with voters?  We have insight this week from the founders of two well-read local websites, Ronni Newton of http://www.we-ha.com and Steve Krauchick of http://www.doingitlocal.com   What are their readers  telling them about the state of the state, and what do their followers want in our next governor?

Also on Face the State this Sunday, the flu crisis. Already 21 people have died in the state and 650 hospitalized. The commissioner of public health Dr. Raul Pino has life saving information.


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