Starbucks Expanding in Downtown Hartford

Starbucks Coffee is expanding in the downtown area of the capital city, five years after Governor Malloy called them out on television for its hours, that are more limited than Starbucks locations found in the suburbs of Metro Hartford.

A spokesperson for the Seattle-based chain told me the shop on Trumbull Street inside CityPlace II will move to a new location in the same building, but with an address around the corner on Asylum and access to the atrium that links CityPlace II to CityPlace, the state’s tallest skyscraper.  The new venue will be 600 square feet larger.

As for the hours the governor complained about in 2012? ” We don’t have details on hours available just yet

The governor first made his statement about Starbucks on “Face the State” and touched on it again on “Morning Joe.”

“Starbucks isn’t open on the weekends. That is a gigantic mistake for Starbucks I don’t think they realize how many people are living there.” Governor Dan Malloy, January 2012.

Ironically over the years, other coffee shops stepped up to fill the void and serve the hundreds of new downtown residents after the governor voiced his displeasure.  Blue State Coffee opened in the old Bank of America, Sarah’s on Asylum, and Dunkin Donuts as well.  Another coffee shop is under construction on Capitol Avenue.

Read more about Malloy vs. Starbucks here:

Starbucks is also expanding across town at Adriaen’s Landing, by opening a coffee shop inside the new Barnes and Noble Bookstore opening near the UConn campus on Front Street.


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