Learning About Pearl Harbor

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Every December 7th we are told to “remember Pearl Harbor,”   but for most of us it is a time to learn about Pearl Harbor because the number of people who remember the “day that will live in infamy” declines every day.

According to a report in the New York Times,  in 1991, there were 7,000 Pearl Harbor survivors at the 50th anniversary of the attack.   At the 70th anniversary the estimated number was down to about  125 or so, and the official survivors organization will actually disband due to members growing old, becoming sick or infirm, and dying.

Our family had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor in the spring of ’11, when we were in Hawaii for a wedding.    Our first glimpse of this historic site came as we were in our final approach to Honolulu International Airport when we saw the iconic U.S.S Arizona memorial from the window, complete with faint traces of…

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