Face the State

Election Night 2016 Preview


The election so many people want to be over is almost here, and at WFSB we are preparing for extensive election night coverage. Sunday on Face the State we will preview about the presidential race, the senate race, the congressional races and some of the key races for the General Assembly.

We will discuss all of that with J.R. Romano, the chairman of the Connecticut Republican party, and East Hartford Mayor Marcia LeClerc, who is representing the state Democratic party. Party chairman Nick Balletto declined our invitations to appear with Romano.   Both chairmen have been guests on Face the State before individually, but for an election preview we wanted them together to talk about the races as their predecessors have done in the past. The party sent LeClerc in Balleto’s place for Sunday’s broadcast.

Our flashback takes us back to election night 1988, the night Vice-President George Bush was elected the 41st president, and Attorney General Joe Lieberman upset Senator Lowell Weicker. Look for some familiar faces this Sunday morning at 11 on WFSB.


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