Connecticut’s 6 Month and a Day Problem


The state budget deficit is bigger than it was a few weeks ago because the state is collecting less income tax this year. The rate hasn’t gone down, but the amount of taxable income has decreased. Last week on Face the State, Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan blamed it on a decline in what Connecticut billionaires earned in 2015, but admitted some people moved out of state, and are no longer on the tax rolls.

Where did these people move to? Former senate candidate Ned Lamont first brought up this subject years ago on Face the State, talking about some of his Greenwich neighbors making Florida their official residence. This can be done by living there for at least six months and a day. The savings in taxes is a major factor.

This Sunday on Face the State, we will talk about this week’s big news that Connecticut’s most prominent Republican is now a Florida resident. Former Governor Jodi Rell has had a home in the Sunshine State for the past decade or so, and now will join the countless snowbirds from Connecticut who have headed south for warmer weather and  considerable tax savings.    The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 12,900 people moved to Florida in 2014.  Numbers for 2015 aren’t in yet.

This Sunday,  we will talk with the reporter who broke the Rell story, Neil Vigdor of Hearst Newspapers.  What else did Rell say to him and what does she think of the direction Connecticut is going?   Tune in at 11AM on WFSB.


Also Sunday, our flashback takes us back 25 years, and the battle over the state income tax.  Duby McDowell’s report from May of 1991 is a must see.  Look for  John Larson and Lowell Weicker and their disagreement over what kind of budget the state should have.

We will also be talking with New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart and congressional candidate Clay Cope  preview:


Watch Commissioner Sullivan from last week right here:

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  1. Rell, like many other CT retirees have enjoyed the high wages afforded them during their working years, usually obtained through a union! The high wages they received has made it possible for some to afford 2nd homes! They have also enjoyed the great education our state of CT provides to it’s children paid for with taxes! They enjoyed all of the benefits of CT taxes but when they have no use for much of what our taxes provide, they decide the hell with everyone else and decide to take advantage of residence in a lower tax tax state! They care not for anyone else’s children and grandchildren’s education! If things are so bad here in CT, why didn’t they choose to live in these low tax states and raise their children there???


    • Really? Well if CT is so great with offering high paying wages, great education and all of the other benefits of CT taxes then why isn’t more people moving into the state???


  2. Rosaleen,

    People are free to move if they want. I’m sure if you had your way, people would be chained to the welfare state that is Connecticut, and not be allowed to choose where they live. If you have to make a choice when you go on a fixed income in retirement whether to pay $16,000 a year in property taxes in CT, or $1600.00 in another state with a lower cost of living, better climate, and a state government that actually cares about it’s productive citizens more than it’s layabouts, the south would look very attractive.


  3. If there is less tax revenue now, wait until Malloy continues the layoffs. He is just inundating the State with unemployed people, of course they have to move out. Then all these unemployed will be collecting unemployment, food stamps, housing allowance, etc, etc. BS about the high wages obtained through a union. I worked in private industry and was making so much more than what the State pays for the same job, more work. If you don’t know what you are talking about you should keep your mouth shut.


  4. Rosaleen, so they owe it to us to stick around and be robbed blind? The state employees need to be deunionized and the entire state govt needs to be audited and streamlined. Pensions and whatnot need to be privatized as 401k or whatever. Taxes need to be reduced to create jobs and bring people into CT, then tax revenue will increase.


  5. Because of Obama care many companies took away the 40 hour work week to avoid having to pay Obama care. A normal work week in Conn. is under 28 hours a week.Connecticut leaders make it difficult for those living here.And seem to be fighting hard at not inviting people to live happily in Conn.Constitution clearly reads tax the State !! Not the people living in the state.Our leaders of Connecticut are living high on the hog off of our hard earned money. Wining,dining,big fancy cars,top of the line clothing…Why we struggle to survive………We earn it they steal it…………


  6. Malloy has destroyed the State by making it a welfare State, and a Haven State. He taxed business and residents to such an extreme that they are fleeing by the thousands . He refuses to admit his socialistic values are destroying the State, snd continues to tax forcing more to leave. I too will become a snowbird to enjoy a more vibrant tax friendly State like Florida as are many of my present and former co workers, Malloy dont follow us , you are not welcomed


  7. I have no problem with any one having two residences but any government official should have CT residency to maintain their seat in CT.


  8. One step further, if any elected official in CT receives a state funded pension, they should be forced to return that pension to CT if they choose not to live in this state. As far as Malloy goes? Get together, find a suitable candidate and work like hell to get your new candidate into office. Malloy needs to retire, but only the voters of CT can do that.


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