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Meet the New Face the State Producer


Face the State has a new man behind the scenes: producer Bill Hall. Bill, shown above flanked by director Jason Bowman and engineer Dario Muneton, replaces Chris Collibee, who went to work for Governor Malloy.  Read about Chris here:

Bill is a native of Durham, graduated from Coginchaug High School, and is an alumnus of the University of Hartford. He loves politics and is a history nerd like me, and loves digging in the Channel 3 archives for Face the State flashbacks. His day job? Bill produces Channel 3 Eyewitness News at 5:30 and is nominated for a New England Emmy for his work.

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  1. My former husband Dominic Mazzoccoli was Mayor of Newington in the 90’s for 6 years and decided not to run for public office again. It was the income tax proposed by a fellow Republican Lowell Weiker that brought him back. Dominic was able to get so many signatures against the income tax that he was asked to speak against the income tax at the rally on the Capitol lawn. In 1993 the political fever struck again and he ran successfully for State Representative. He held office for 6 years for Newington. This year he died after struggling for 5 years with the horrible disease ALS. Dennis House mentioned today that future shows would have more stories about the income tax. Should you as the new producer decide to show the anti-income tax rally, is it possible you would have footage of Dominics speech? I know his family and friends would love to see Dominic doing what he loved- representing the citizens he served.


      • Hi Dennis I enjoy watching face the state on Sunday morning. My name is Mike Gambardella owner of Gambardella fish in Stonington ct. Our business is in jeopardy of closing down in the state due to the restrictions of our federal government has put on us the Last 25 years. Believe it or not where throwing more wild caught fish overboard daily. But important more than 90percent.of seafood sold in the US. Hopefully you could help us get this out there we definitely need national attention. Our senator’s Blumenthal and Murphy, congressman Courtney our aware of our concerns. Hopefully you could help us that our commercial fishermen are in trouble staying in business in the state. Mike Gambardella my email address is


      • Hello Mr house I was watching your show in which I believe is a good I think who you should have on your show is hard working middle class family’s and get the taxpayers opinion on all that’s going on in ct this state has literally demolished the middle class dream here in ct watching every dollar Thinking of where to move to when you retire. I believe that you should the opinions of the people that live here and what’s going on in ct what happened to wealthy ct and people moving every day because they can’t ct needs to taxing the middle class family who suffers for the reckless spending of the state and a state that can’t balance it’s budget bring in middle class family’s and talk to them not the politicans.


  2. Congratulations, Bill, on taking on this new role. I’m sure it’s quite flattering to have been selected to work on such a classy, influential, and storied program.


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