Datto CEO on the Clinton Emails


Datto of Norwalk is an international company that specializes in cloud storage.  It’s a company few had heard of until this summer, when it was mentioned in national stories because it had been hired by Hillary Clinton to back up her e-mails.  Yes, those e-mails, you know, the ones now being investigated  by the FBI.

Sunday on Face the State, we talked with the CEO of Datto, Austin McChord who turned a company he started in his basement into a billion dollar international enterprise.    McChord, a native of Newtown explained his path to success, and also went into detail about how he was helped along the way thanks to loans from the Connecticut Department of Economic Development.

“We didn’t know she (Hillary Clinton) was a customer of ours until it was in the media.”  McChord told me as we discussed how his company was thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year when it was reported Clinton’s e-mails on her controversial private server were backed up by Datto.

“It’s not what I want Datto’s fifteen minutes to be,” McChord said as he shared his reaction to the day Datto made the evening news, the Drudge Report and other websites along with the cable networks.   “That (a secretary of state) was not our typical customer.”

McChord told me Datto is still working with the FBI, and it is unclear what they have found and where it will lead.

As for what’s in the collection of Clinton e-mails, McChord said he and his employees don’t see their customers’ data, but said his job is to preserve things.

McChord also talked about the Connecticut business climate.

You can watch the entire  Face the State interview with Austin McChord right here: http://www.wfsb.com/clip/12681971/ct-company-hired-by-clinton-to-back-up-email



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