Dashing Through the Snow at Lime Rock


Every time a winter storm hits Connecticut there are crashes. We see them by the dozens on our traffic cams in the Eyewitness newsroom and yet so many could have been avoided. When you crash into a guardrail on the Merritt Parkway or spin out on the Yankee Expressway it is easy to blame Mother Nature, but the real culprit is bad driving.

Sure, ice, snow and slush can make driving a challenge, but if you know how to operate your vehicle during treacherous road conditions, you won’t be going to the hospital or snagging a fender on the Gold Star Bridge.

To learn the safest way to drive in extreme winter weather, I headed to Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, in the far northwestern corner of the Litchfield hills. Yes, that Lime Rock where the legendary Paul Newman of Westport once raced.


I was invited by Buick to take part in the automaker’s winter all wheel drive experience. In the spirit of full disclosure, Kara and I drive Buicks (we’ve owned 10) as does Denise D’Ascenzo, but we pay for them like every other customer. Anyway, photographer Cory Peck and I had the opportunity to drive on a winter course in two all wheel drive cars, a Buick Regal GS and a Buick Encore.


I drove through through thick, freshly fallen snow under the watchful eye of some Lime Rock driving instructors and a Buick engineer from Motown who works on all wheel drive. It was great lesson, but also a whole bunch of fun. I didn’t crash, or need the tow truck that was on standby. Another reporter did, thought…I think he was from the South where they don’t drive in snow or from Manhattan, where they don’t drive at all.


I got to slip and slide through snow in an idyllic Connecticut scene while hanging with some hip Detroiters.

Watch our story right here:

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