Debut of CapChat


This past Sunday on Face the State, we introduced a new recurring segment, called CapChat. CapChat will feature some conversation about the future of capital city and ultimately, our state. It’s a venue to toss around information, ideas, and intelligent opinion.

Our first trio for CapChat featured Anthony Price, Thea Montanez and Paul Marte, all very active in the renaissance of Hartford. We are talking about the baseball stadium, safety, development and the brain drain.

Price is with HEDCO, the Hartford Economic Development Corporation. HEDCO helps small businesses get capital. Price has interesting thoughts on why young people are now taking a second look at a city and a state many of their contemporaries have spurned for New York and Boston.


Thea Montanez is a lifelong Hartfordite. and for years has been involved in various city organizations, including the Hartford Foundation. She currently sits on the Hartford Courant editorial board and runs her own firm, Thea Montanez Consulting.


Paul Marte is another public relations guru and familiar face in the city’s arts and entertainment scene. He does PR for the Connecticut jewel that is the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.


Next week’s CapChat features some new faces.

WATCH SUNDAY’S CAPCHAT RIGHT HERE http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10361205

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  1. Make all employers give special accommodation to parents/guardians of special needs children/adult children, as far as the hours they can work, since dds, only gives 5 hours a day for adult programs. I was fired from petco, after 10 years of service, because, my daughter, who has Downs Syndrome’s, adult program, has been habitually late because of traffic. , or a consumer’s mental difficulty.


  2. No brainer…cut taxes & spending on ridiculous things like bus routes between Hartford & New Britain & building AA ballparks that will not do any good for the city & state. When will government officials realize nothing is hoing to help CT until cost of living is reduced!


  3. 1 idea: Clean up the bad sections with use of volunteer dates. (For example: Have a sign up where someone can pay for “owning the street’ getting the responsibility for rallying up volunteers to clean up specific areas for weeks or months out.) 2nd idea: Any “building” should only be affordable gated communities homes with safe monitored parks in the built complex.


  4. The word “renaissance” is not proper word. Hartford cannot even secure a AA baseball team! After this debacle the city will be even more of a punch line!


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