If Not Clinton, then Who Could be the First Woman Elected President?


Could 2016 be the year a woman is elected president? That’s what supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are hoping. They were disappointed by her loss to Barack Obama in 2008, and are encouraging her to try again in 2016.

But what if Clinton decides not to run?  It’s possible. The political landscape has certainly changed in recent weeks after the mid-term elections.  The former first lady and U.S. senator will have to distance herself from her former boss, now an unpopular president.  There are other factors as well.   Many liberal Democrats are trying to encourage a fresh face to run, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose star seems to be on the upward trajectory.  Also, if elected, Clinton will turn 70 her first year in the White House, and might instead choose to defer to a new generation, something Democrats have traditionally done.

There are several qualified women in both parties who could run in 2016, perhaps even more would be mentioned if Clinton takes a pass.   Take our poll and let us know which potential candidate you like. If you don’t see your favorite’s name, write her in.

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  1. Why do you Libs keep talking about Bush? He hasen’t been in office in 6 years and the economy was better when he was in! The housing bubble was caused by your Liberals, Dodd and Frank! Hillary is a liar, thief, and left 2 people to die on a roof in Benghazi! Is this who you want in the White House? Imagine who she will be responsible for then!


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