Don’t Drive Distracted


It is teen safety driving week across Connecticut, and even though my son is years away from being a teenager, no harm in teaching him the dangers of distracted driving at a young age, right? Think he understands?

Seriously though, I am stunned by the number of people I see behind the wheel who are texting or using a handheld phone! All ages, and in all types of cars, not just teenagers.

When I first got a cell phone in the 1990s it was so large and cumbersome I kept it in the glove compartment and rarely used it, but when I did, it was definitely when the car was parked. What was so important to haul out the cellular brick when someone snapped this photo? Who knows, but at least I didn’t make the call while I was driving. Today’s phones make it easier to talk and drive, but that’s hardly a good thing.


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  1. It really is amazing Dennis how more and more people are talking on their phones and text while they’re driving at the same time.


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