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Channel 3 Back to School Pictures


It’s August, and that means back to school, although I’m pretty certain when I was a kid we went back to school after Labor Day. Perhaps it is revisionist history on my part, but I’m still in the summer mode.

To get people jazzed about leaving the beach and heading back to the bus stop, our WFSB promotions guys Greg Thomas and Brian Kowalenko have come up with a pretty cool idea. They asked members of the Eyewitness News team for our class pictures when we were in elementary school to be used in a promotional campaign.

Here are the pictures you will see, but you’ll have to watch Channel 3 over the next few weeks to see the clever captions Greg and Brian pulled out of their brains. They’re pretty funny. By the way, that’s me above in the snazzy turtleneck in either kindergarten or the first grade at the Cornelius Callahan School in Norwood, Massachusetts sporting a bad case of bed head. Check out another class picture and read about my trip to one of my elementary schools right here:

Here are some of my Channel 3 teammates in their grammar school glamour shots.


Mike Cameron


Denise D’Ascenzo


John Holt


Mark Dixon


Kara Sundlun


Eric Parker


Irene O’Connor


Hena Daniels


Scot Haney


Bruce DePrest


Kevin Hogan

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  1. Great pictures, but I didn’t guess one of them. My daughter may have recognized Bruce as she graduated from high school with him. This Eye Witness team is THE BEST.


  2. It’s not a surprise that you were all so cute way back when. Most of you look very much the same, but I never would have recognized Scot as a redhead! The plaid shirt and denim overalls are too funny!!


  3. Beautiful & handsome kids. Reminds me of my many years teaching in CT and CA. Many happy memories of similar but very different kids. Love it.


  4. OMG, these pictures are great! Looks like Eric Parker was waiting for his debut!! Thank for sharing!


  5. I work in the Winchester school district (13 yrs. now). You all are such good sports posting your grade school pics….still as adorable every day! Keep up the good work! Watch you every a.m.
    Back to school the 28th…
    Viva la educators!


  6. All of you were adorable!! Enjoyed looking at the pics. Thank you so much for sharing them.:)


  7. I love all of you and looking at theses school pictures brings me back to the good old days.


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