The Zimmerman Verdict and What’s Next


This Sunday on Face the State we will talk about the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial for the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin. We are joined by Muhammad Ansari, the president of the Greater Hartford chapter of the NAACP, and Corey Brinson, defense attorney and former Hartford City Council member.



Tune in for the Face the State this Sunday at 11 on WFSB Channel 3 and then join the discussion right here.

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  1. I still believe Zimmerman is quilty as big a Zimmerman is he could of taken Trayvon without a gun. A neighborhood watch person doesn’t normally carry a gun unless he’s out for bood, Zimmerman should have done what the authority told him to do stay back and he didn’t.


  2. I Am sick and tired of blacks complaining about race yes years ago things were bad for blacks and they were treated badly but things have changed ten fold we have a black leader who I voted for if it comes down to it a job offer between myself and a black person I can just go home cause I won’t get the job I’m not a racist but I will admit it’s making me angry that when is enough enough when o j got away with murder we didn’t go out and beat people up why should anyone else like it or not it’s over let’s move on


    • I agree with you. People are beating a dead horse. It’s done and over with. The verdict is in “Not Guilty” time to move forward in a positive way. I have read stories, heard things on the news about blacks on whites. But is there a big uproar when it comes down to it. White people don’t have an “Al Sharpton” that promotes racial division and masks it with peace and religion. What about the white baby that got shot in the face by 2 black teenagers or OJ Simpson who got a way with murder. What is wrong with all these so called black professionals and our President going around promoting racial division and stirring the pot to create civil unrest. Why project yourself as an achiever, then turn around and fit the stereo type of everything your against. It sounds like an identity crisis due to failing to integrate into society as an American citizen.


  3. its not a white and black thing…zimmerman is not white….thugs are all colors…people should stop assaulting other people..its Bad against Good not black against white


  4. Roderick Scott in 2009, a neighborhood watch captain, shot and killed Christopher Cervini after Scott saw a group of teens breaking into a car. All the teens but Cervini ran away. Cervini charged at Scott. No riots when Scott was found not guilty of manslaughter. I forgot, the tables were turned, Scott was black and Cervini was white. So is there a dual standard if you are black? The race card is over played to create a war between Americans


  5. @ Brian Casey…Stop searching for someone to blame- keep your eyes on the real loss…
    Warrantless wiretapping?, presidential signing statements and the illegal collection of private phone records? done by government spies are examples of abuses of power grabbing both national and local attention against all Americans…And for what purpose? While Everyone ponders over Trayvon Martin, (and rightfully so) Yet even further you have your eyes fixed on a wounded people who voice their concerns …the 400 yr victim of civil rights violations !!! *Tisk Tisk ** (seems like at this dominant culture’s heart is the demonic vices of an unfeeling Beast)
    The elite amongst you make their guns…you buy your guns…you arm yourselves…a few criminal elements amongst blacks become armed, they use them against themselves…Some have used the magic wand of popular culture for almost 100 years …you know…- tv, news, movies,and law – to shape the appearance this fertile clay… one mired with the gloomy shape of overwhelming joblessness, hopelessness,carved naked are’nt they?, … seems like they are only armed with what is allowed. Some use their powers to deviously police the popular perspective and outline the attacks…While others use the strings they control in dominant culture to herd the darkly shaped clay into the fire…They seem to sit at a round table…but… I can only say…”The Master Intelligence ” is the ultimate Potter…and you will agree, though hardened become that potted Clay, yet and still yet,… (“Supreme Intelligence”… may intends it’s clay for more fertile purposes)
    So I am sure you an upright person…will help Blacks yourself, to Grow what God intends…as opposed to herding shaped clay into the fire.


  6. The main topic should be is a police officer right in shooting anybody under those prevailing cerci stances I am sure the department and the mayor went up one side and down the other on this case his peers found him innocent this is not a race issue though some groups will try to make it so this was not derrilict of duty as Zimmerman was found innocent by this countries law so many people want to be a judge but none of them have any desire to become one you have to direct slick attorneys on law not feelings of one group versus the other stop the racial issues this is a citizen issue at least a human issue police officer has to make on the spot decisions right or wrong he or she has to live with the outcome and deal with God who knows innocence or guilt and vengence is mine safety The Lord we cannot grow as a nation until we can not see color of skin heights weight religion healthy or ill whole people or crippled bury these thing and we will once again be the greatest country in the world maybe the galaxy deal with the facts


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