Invasion of the Governors


They’re coming to Connecticut and not to visit Mystic Aquarium and the Mark Twain House. Two Republican governors from states with booming economies will be in the Constitution State next week with the hopes of persuading a company or two to call for the moving vans.


Texas Governor Rick Perry and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard will be here to recruit gun makers, who have voiced disappointment with the recently passed gun law. Perry and Daugaard come from states with lower taxes, and they will no doubt dangle incentives in front of business leaders who are fed up with restrictions and the high cost of doing business in Connecticut.

This Sunday on Face the State, we will discuss this with Neil Vigdor of Hearst Newspapers, and Kevin Rennie of Daily Ructions and the Hartford Courant. Tune in this Sunday at 11 for Face the State, only on WFSB Channel 3.

Neil_Vigdor (2)


Watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8998087

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  1. I would love to move from here I would like to move to North Dakota. I should check out South Dakota.


  2. Yes, let’s find out WHY Dannel Malloy has no control over his Department Commissioners–who in turn have no control over their agencies….ie, Social Services–Manchester


  3. My husband and I have already made plans to retire to Tennessee. As long as Connecticut remains a blue state with a democrat run legislature, this state will never get out of the red. We need to stop voting in the same people. This state needs to make a major change in how the state is run. The average person can not survive here anymore.


  4. for as much as i would like to leave ct, the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. yes our taxes are killing us but we dont know what its like to live in other states. we have our roots set here and there are many things to take into consideration. health insurance and my husbands job is a big concern for us. what he does for a living is a skilled laborer that is common in our state and not others. and he gets paid fairly well along with the health insurance. when it comes down to it and we have cinsidered it even though leaving here sounds tempting a lot of homework would have to go into it. and it couldnt be just some random state it would have to be somewhere you want to live. i know alot of people leaving to go to florida but that is not for us.


  5. We too, are considering to retire in Tennessee. We used to be middle class citizens, but there is no more middle class. We are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet here. Food is higher, gas is higher, cigarettes are higher and taxes are higher. It is impossible to make it here anymore. Many of my friends have already moved out of state. We will be next!!


  6. I agree – I want to leave CT very much but as was mentioned need to do some homework. My husband and I were injured in a near fatal MC accident when a car ran a red light goin 65 mph. Guy had no ins. A career criminal and never went to jail – after readin these comments I am going to try harder – Tennesse was mentioned a couple times any info on COL?


  7. I would love to move out of this state. I just can’t make ends meet anymore, but unfortunately I can’t save any money to put away to move either!


  8. We are a couple with young children who left CT in May after one of us was laid off from a major CT employer in January. We are doing better down here on one salary and with lower cost of living. When we buy a house here, our property taxes will be 1/5 of what we paid in CT. We had two incomes in CT, and if people saw what we made, combined, they would have thought we were wealthy, but every single month was a struggle and we had nothing to show for both of us working. (We did not eat out or have luxury cars, or anything else frivolous. We paid cash for as many things as we could. We simply could not keep up with the constantly increasing costs of living in CT.) We both lived our entire lives in CT, and while it was extremely hard to leave ALL our family and friends and move, it was our only choice. Had we remained in CT, I have no doubt my husband would still be unemployed and we would be facing losing the home we had worked so hard to buy.


  9. Regime change and government reform are what is needed to turn this once great state around. We were once the best in everything from manufacturing to education. Education reform in this state is a farce as the “reformers” are fleecing the taxpayers. The busway to nowhere should never have been built. Infrastructure is falling apart and yet the state is building a busway? Here are some ideas for our most horrible politicians: cut all unnecessary spending, balance the budget, eliminate privatization in state services while reducing the cost of those services in-house. Privatizing state services in not only more expensive in the long run, the services are usually very poor. Other ideas, create true competition in electrical companies that actually generate electricity in state, reduce corporate and small business taxes to generate more jobs and pump more money back into our economy. Lastly, the politicians need to reduce the income tax for the middle class – those making 50k -200k to 1995 rates.


  10. The tax situation in CT is disgusting. The weekly, daily and twice daily lotteries were suppose to fund or at least supplement our children’s education, yet we still hear about teachers having to buy supplies with their own money and using books that are outdated. The state income tax was suppose to be a temporary thing to help balance the books. Yea, sure. With all the millions of dollars the state gets every month from the casinos, we should be able to live tax free in CT. But the needless spending continues. Ask the governor to completely stop all unnecessary spending. Just say “NO, we can’t afford it.” I’ve tried to track where the money goes from these various sources (casinos, etc.), only to be told it goes into the General Fund, that black hole in the financial statements that makes money disappear. I’ve been told, if you decide to move out of CT make sure it’s permanent because you can never afford to move back in.


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