Foley Setting Stage for 2014 Rematch with Governor Malloy


22 months from now voters will go to the polls to choose a governor and the 2014 ballot could be identical to the one voters saw in 2010. Republican Tom Foley is planning to seek a rematch against Governor Dannel Malloy, and laid out his case Sunday on Face the State with Dennis House, on WFSB-TV (CBS) Hartford.


If you think it is too early to start running for governor, remember that then Stamford Mayor Malloy said he would run for governor during an appearance on Face the State on January 15, 2009, with 22 months to go before the 2010 election. “These are dramatic and dangerous times, and I am prepared to run for governor.” Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy 1/15/09


The former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland was highly critical of Governor Malloy and said he plans on laying the groundwork immediately for a change in leadership. “I agree with the Governor that the state is in dire straits and we need new leadership.” Foley said the state is spending too much and “we are taking the state off the cliff.” Foley also did not hold back in critiquing the Malloy’s administrations tax hikes and dealings with state employees unions.

Foley, who lost to Malloy by 6,400 votes in 2010, also said he might have done better had a woman been the candidate for lieutenant governor, although he said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton was a great running mate. Boughton, along with house minority leader Larry Cafero, are also said to be considering runs for governor. Only one Republican woman has expressed interest in running, State Senator Toni Boucher. State representatives Themis Klarides, Penny Bacchiochi, and Pam Sawyer are other names suggested as potential candidates, either for governor or lt. Governor, along with Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson. The last all-male ticket to win the governorship was in 1986.


We also have analysis on Foley's comments and the 2014 race with Christine Stuart of ctnewsjunkie.com and Rick Green of the Hartford Courant. You can watch the entire interview with Tom Foley right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8138457

Stuart and Green analysis here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8138460

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  1. bring it on Foley….Malloy will win….this state love that man…..he has proven his leadership to the state…it’s great! Dan Malloy – 4 more years! Both Democrats and Rebpublicans agree….and don’t forget the Independents!


  2. Hey neighbor, I didn’t know how else to get in touch with you other than knocking on your door, which I would do, except it’s so icy and snowy on your sidewalk that I can’t get to it. Can you please shovel your sidewalk? Every time it snows I have to risk a hip replacement when I walk my dog. What’s the deal? The ENTIRE Kenyon Street residency thanks you in advance.


  3. Are you insane? Liberal. Liberal. Liberal. Didn;t vote for him and never will. he is destroying Connecticut.


  4. Ambassador Foley possesses the necessary executive skills to put Connecticut back in the black. We need leader like him now, not a showboat politician. Noblese oblige calls him, he’s not motivated by vanity and being lured by the limelight and cameras.


  5. I cannot see how a man like Foley – who should be prosecuted at the Hague for war crimes he committed in Iraq in 2003 with the Coalition Provisional Authority is a legitimate candidate for governor. The media – Dennis House, et al – should be reporting on Foley’s war crimes, and unearthing evidence for prosecution, instead of giving him free airtime to spew his discredited Romneyisms and GOP austerity/trickle down economics crap. A rising tide doesn’t lift all yachts, especially those with mysogynistic names.


  6. Hey Republicans: Wanna Lose big? Put this guy up again.
    Didn’t get enough of putting up millionaires with Linda McMahon? Put this guy up, you’ll get another spanking – guaranteed.


  7. If he wanted a woman for Lt, Gov. maybe he should have started looking before 4 p.m. on the date of the convention.


  8. Tom Foley is a fine man. So was Mitt Romney. Neither man had the desire to win. Republicans should avoid the pitfall of staking their hopes on more stodgy millionaires and start backing principled grass roots populists.

    All too often the Democrats and their pet press propagandists are successful at character assassination. Once the Democrat mob assassins authorize a hit, their stooges, who pose as journalists, let loose with a withering barrage from more than 30 magazines, newspapers, TV shows and newspapers!

    There are plenty of stalwart people serving as mayors and state senators who would fight hard to win and help rescue Connecticut from its accelerating obsolescence. Sooner or later the voters will awaken to the error of their uneducated Election Day selections. The right candidate will hasten that day!


  9. Voted for Malloy in both primary & general because I thought he was going to address high electric & insurance rates as well as ridiculous vendor billing practices in HUSKY health system. Instead he spends his first two years raising taxes on middle class, monkeying around with the liquor business when no one aasked him to, and now tolls?!? I will vote for my first ever Republican just so Malloy goes away.


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