Lembo Opposes New Taxes to Erase Deficit


It is hardly a holly jolly season at the state capitol these days.    Governor Malloy is prepping for a special legislative session as he mulls over a $365 M deficit.  Down the street Comptroller Kevin Lembo is looking at the same deficit, but says it is bigger, $415M.    How can that be?

Comptroller Lembo is our  guest on Face the State this Sunday to talk about the deficit discrepancy.     During our taping, he talked about he reached that figure and why there is a difference.  

I also asked Lembo what he would do if he were governor.     We also talked about the controversial statement he made last year, that the state could save money by combing the office of comptroller and treasurer.

As many people know,   Democrats, including Lembo,  blamed some of the current budget problems on Governors John Rowland and Jodi Rell, who were in office from 1995 to 2011.     I asked Lembo if other past governors, namely Lowell Weicker and William O’Neill were also to blame.   His answer you see right here:

UPDATE:  Watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8050082

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  1. The people who have been elected into office have totally mismanaged everything to put our state in it’s current situation, they should. Use their salaries and benefits to fix it


  2. Sick of the crap, keep giving people free electric, med ins. Dental ins. Braces eyeglasses, food, cell phones, cigarettes, alcohol, free rent, shall I go on? The state doesn’t make them work,they should be forced to get a job, if they don’t start reducing the amount of their welfare check very simple !!!!


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