New Vaccination Law for New Year's Day

Even though Connecticut has a high vaccination rate of 99%, our state only ranks 30th in the United States in terms of getting children vaccinated against diseases.    A new state law takes effect today that hopes to change that.

Commissioner of Public Health Dr. Jewel Mullen appeared on Face the State in November to explain the new vaccination law that impacts children and parents all over Connecticut.

You can watch the segment right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7998174

For more information on the new law, read this: http://www.ct.gov/dph/lib/dph/infectious_diseases/immunization/cvp/frequently_asked_questions_about_connecticut_vaccine_program_9_26_2012.cs.pdf


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  1. I feel this is an invasion of my right as a parent to choose what is best for my child. Government has NO right to force vaccinations!!!! What about religious reasons and medical ones?! This law in unneccesary and I feel breaks other laws!

  2. It is an invasion of my privacy to let you and your unvaccinated children to infect me and my family unknowingly. Maybe you all should be quarantined for the rest of your natural born days.

    • Explain how ur vaccinated child is in danger by my unvaccinated child? In fact its my unvaxed child who is more in danger. If my son has measles and ur child received the measles vax, shouldnt he be fine? That’s why you vaccinated no? And just to shed some light.. children with soy and egg allergies (just to name a few) can’t receive most vaccines. Another point.. if ur religion is against abortion you should not vaccinated as there are vaccines which contain aborted fetuses as well as animal cells and this only scratches the surface. And guess what.. because of HIPPA you will never know which child is vaccinated or not. So u can quarantine your child!

      • My 5 month old son is too young to be vaccinated for measles. If he catches it he has a 2-3 chance in 1000 of dying from complications, the same risk of permanent injury such as brain damage or blindness and an almost 1 in 500 chance of developing SSPE within 7 years and dying from that. That is why my vaccinated child is at risk from your unvaccinated child you sociopath.

      • My son is 5 months and hasn’t received one shot. Not at birth not ever. MMR vax causes more problems than it resolves. New studies link aluminum exposure to things like Parkinson’s disease and chronic fatigue. So u can inject your child with chemicals and crap but I refuse to and that’s my right as a parent. If anyone thinks they can tell me how to raise my child they got another thing coming. Do some unbiased research and you’d b surprised!

    • You are quite correct. Leaving children unvaccinated is equivalent to weaponizing them. Yes, unvaccinated children are more at risk of catching diseases than vaccinated ones, but even some vaccinated children are vulnerable due to unique genetic conditions. Moreover, children who are left unvaccinated become breeding grounds for new strains of viruses for which existing vaccines might be ineffective.

      I feel bad for parents who have been duped into not vaccinating. There is a massive misinformation campaign that has left thousands of children vulnerable. People cite nonsensical ideas, such as vaccines containing harmful metals or metaloids, or, more foolishly, that use of vaccines correlates with incidences of autism. In truth, vaccines have lower metal and metaloid content than much of our drinking water and there is no correlation with autism or any other disease. Not vaccinating is irresponsible (and ill informed) parenting and harmful to everybody.

  3. Vaccinations protect ALL the people, even those who aren’t yet vaccinated or whose immunity has lessened over the years, such as expectant mothers, newborn babies, immunned-suppressed, and the elderly. To have populations unvaccinated defeats the whole purpose. About 100 years ago a woman named Mary kept taking jobs as a cook, infecting hundreds and possibly killing as many as 50 people. Finally the government figured out what was going on and imprisoned her for the rest of her life, preventing further deaths. How is this different than someone who does not get vaccinated, and then spreads disease to innocent victims.

    • whomever actually that gets vaccinated usually gets the disease because of the vaccine, the vaccine does not immune you 100% actually there are a lot of outbreaks of the sickness when you get the vaccine…. so God has given you a immune system and you wont die of , chicken pox , flue once you have it most likely you may not get it again you are naturally immune to it

    • Again, if you believe that vaccines work, then my unvaccinated child is no risk to yours.
      Educated parents chose not to risk learning disabilities, allergies and other immune disorders. We chose not to play russian roulette with our child’s lives.

      • You didn’t even read what Nina posted. People go through periods when their immunity might lessen. Further, not vaccinating allows a person to become a breeding ground for viruses that can then mutate and cause enormous problems.

  4. get the truth . Vaccines are dangerous and it is “MY CHOICE WEITHER MY KID GETS ONE OR NOT”
    Dr. Jewel Mullen you are not ready for me , and my children will not be getting any vaccines .

    • It is shocking how effective the brainwashing has been in this country. The more I learn the more I cannot understand why people chose to suppress information for blind faith in faceless entities like the FDA, CDC, and BigPharma. Real people with faces (many former upper level employees of the above corps) have much evidence and endless examples of the mistruths we are being led to believe. You only have to listen with an open mind.

  5. Just a way for Big Pharma to make billions more…People take tons of these over the counter meds for the common cold and keep getting sick year in year out…I have never taken any of these so called Meds,just let the cold run its course and let my immune system go to work and I haven’t had a cold in 20 years..If you don’t allow your immune system to fight these naturally you will constanly get sick.Never had the flu or flu shots.Ten years ago I got the flu.Got through it naturally and haven’t had it since…Sorry I’m not putting that poison in my system and getting Big Pharma any richer….Ther’s a reason why nothing is ever cured……It’s called GREED

  6. I agree with all you parents…if you want to have your child vaccinated, go ahead…to all those that don’t, don’t. I can’t believe they made that a law! To recommend is one thing, but to require and tell people they have no choice is absurd. I had measle, german measle and chicken pox as a kid…after all the contamination in the steroid injections recently, I won’t get anything injected into me, unless it’s life and death.

  7. Little known fact: study that found a link between autism and vaccinations was made up. Seriously, look it up.

    Not getting vaccinations for children should be considered child abuse, and nothing less.

  8. People forget about how children used to die or be permanently disabled due to common childhood diseases because we have been able to control the spread of disease through vaccinations. As a survivor of polio (contracted prior to the development of the vaccine), I can tell you first hand that I would have preferred to have been vaccinated. Those who don’t want their children vaccinated need to read some history about the polio epidemics and public health in the last century. Certain diseases have been so successfully managed that we forget what the reality was before vaccines.
    We all seem to have more respect for our individual rights over the rights of the many. Sometimes the public good trumps the individual.If you want your child to participate in public life, then they need to be vaccinated. Otherwise, they need to be kept away from other people.
    Do we really want another polio epidemic? Do you have any idea what that would mean for your child, your family, your community?

    • my Dad had polio at 9 yrs old…1940…he was fortunate enought to be totoally cured, one of the first in what was then called Memorial Hospital in NB….I believe it should be a parents choice as to what should be injected into their children. I did have my children vaccinated, but not at the rate the doctors wanted to….they wanted to sometimes give my children sometimes up to 3 vaccines at once…that I did not allow. If you have been vaccinated or your children have….I believe that is the only thing you, as a mother, needs to be concerned with. What others choose is up to them….JMPO

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