Doctors Crusading Against Gun Violence

Two local doctors have made it their mission to get guns off the streets.  They’ve seen first hand the impact guns can have on children.

Doctor David Shapiro and Doctor Brendan Campbell created a gun buy back program that will offer gift certificates in exchange for guns.   Shapiro, a trauma surgeon at St. Francis Hospital, and Campbell, a trauma surgeon at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center came in to Face the State to talk about their goals.      They also talked about treating children who’ve been shot, and they have great advice for parents.   Also, surprisingly, suburbanites are also turning in their guns.

You can watch the complete interview right here:  http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7998180




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  1. with the way the president is taking this country, you’d have to be an idiot to turn in your guns.


  2. Another couple of idiots. I’m going to crusade against spoons. I will buy back all of your spoons because they make you fat. We need to get spoons of the streets. I have seen first hand what spoons do to children. I will give you gift certificates to McDonalds in trade for all spoons.


  3. Dennis, I have a question. Can people who are licensed to own guns go down and offer the people money instead of the gift cards. This way LEGAL gun owners obtain these firearms, and the people who want them out of their home are happy and paid. Everyone wins.


  4. These two clowns have no idea. Do they really think the gangs are going to give up their guns for a stupid prepaid gift card? Are they that nieve? Or just plain delusional? These people shooting don’t just have guns because they want to carry a gun. They have them because they intend to shoot someone. They are not going to give it up. The guns these buyback programs get are people that no longer want to have a gun around. Old guns. Druggies that have stolen them and give them for more drug cash. Get real liberals. You are showing your stupidity daily.


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