Hartford Has State's Highest Unemployment Rate

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, the current unemployment rate in our state is 8.9 %, above the national rate of 7.8% 

The capital city has the highest rate in the state and Bridgewater has the lowest.       Here is a partial list of town by town employment, and a link to the complete list is below.

Hartford      17.8

Waterbury 14.0

Bridgeport  13.5

New Haven 13.3 

New London 12.7

West Haven  10. 7

East Haven  10.0

Brooklyn  9. 9

Middletown 9.2 

West Hartford 7.9

Greenwich   7.0

Bridgewater   5.4 

Department of Labor  http://www1.ctdol.state.ct.us/lmi/laus/laustown.asp

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