DeLauro & Winsley Face Off in CT-3 Debate

Sunday morning on Face the State we hosted a short debate for  the 3rd congressional district.  Longtime Democratic Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro faced off against her Republican challenger, Wayne Winsley.


Watch it here:

part 1:   http://www.wfsb.com/global/category.asp?c=208507&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7860086

part 2:  http://www.wfsb.com/global/category.asp?c=208507&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7860081

part 3:   http://www.wfsb.com/global/category.asp?c=208507&autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7860101

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  1. DeLauro wore the same outfit she had on when she attended a public forum at a New Haven church last Sunday evening. Must be her lucky duds.

    Looks like Rosa was allowed an open book exam. Winsley came prepared with a quick mind and a lifetime experience of struggles that enabled him to escape the housing projects of his youth to achieve success in radio to now a candidate for Congress.

    Never have voters in the 3rd district had such a clear choice. Winsley strives for excellence. Success for DeLauro is getting more and more people addicted to a food stamp future. When you think about it, the choice is easy to make.


  2. The voters deserve more than one 20-minute debate in the controlled environment of a TV studio! Rosa DeLauro dodges any public debates. Pulheeze!! We’re smarter than to accept this from our Representative!

    What is Rosa trying to hide from the public. Her appearances are in front of very small groups of mostly her friends. If the Connecticut newspapers, TV stations and the League of Women Voters allow this farce to continue, they will lose any credibility they have left. No wonder newspapers are going out of business!


  3. The congresswoman wouldn’t have done a debate without Dennis House and WFSB for putting this on for the voters in the 3rd district. We deserve more than one but this is better than nothing. I still wish she would have a debate in front of her constituents


  4. Rosa has become the sterotyped Career Polician. She has been in the comfortable setting of Washington D.C.way too long along with her best buddy Nancy Pelosi. She is now a true Beltway insider !!! Time for fresh blood and new idea’s, Wayne Winsley brings exactly whats needed to the 3d District of C.T. I can;t wait to pull the Wayne Winsley Lever come Nov. 6th. People of the 3d district wake up !! give Wayne Winsley a chance , he’s highly motivated and anxious to serve !!!! Enough of the old-bring in the new with Wayne…


  5. After seeing this debate there is clarly one choice and that is Wayne Winsley.Ms.DeLauro has continuallly said all she has done is get jobs for building a bridge that had to be replaced anyways and is being built by the unions that support her campaign.
    Wayne Winsley clearly told how he is trying to help the same busi.ess sector wich employs the majority of America.
    Rosa wants to help 7% of America,Wayne wants to help 100%.


  6. First thing the arrogant, elitist incumbent does is belittle the challenger’s inexperience. That’s not a good way to start, Rosa.

    Next, Rosa’s National Infrastructure Bank has been kicking around Congress for 20 years!! Not even Pelosi wanted it! And yet she keep pretending its a real piece of legislation!


  7. More talk from the incumbent. Now on the importance of reaching common sense consensus and working with all of Congress to achieve strong legislation in gun control and immigration reform.

    But what planet does Rosa think we’re from? She is the most partisan extremist in Congress. She never wastes a chance to attack her opponents. She never misses a chance to assault her friends when they are not on the same page as her; just ask her best friend on the Floor, Rep. George Miller!

    Rosa is the most bitterly partisan attacker in the history of Congress, and she can be blamed directly for the total breakdown in relationships between the two parties.

    There was a time when both parties came together to get the business of the people done. That time was “Before Rosa.” Her savage handiwork is a highly dysfunctional legislature that has ceded all power to the executive.

    There’s a reason the President goes around saying he’ll do everything he can without Congress. He was feeling that way in 2009 when Pelosi and Reed were doing their own things without consulting him. And Rosa was in the thick of it, offending everyone from the White House to Main Street, bullying and defaming to get her way.

    Our nation has suffered enough. Rebuilding America begins with removing Rosa.


  8. DeLauro’s answers all were virtually identical to those she gave last Sunday at a church-sponsored forum on poverty—even though all the questions were completely different! Delauro: creating jobs means getting constructions unions to get my support for govt-paid “infrastructure” TEMPORARY jobs. Winsely: “You can’t love jobs but hate job creators [i.e. business]”. Re. New Haven violence, DeLauro: childproof locks on guns. Winsley: give kids role models and a future. Re. illegal immigration, Winsley: “America has always been a welcoming nation…We’re a nation of immigrants…It should be as difficult to enter the US as it is to enter a Holiday Inn: we all have to check in.”


  9. Rosa DeLauro took her usual stance of patting herself on the back for creating jobs infrastructure, etc aka thru the Govt Federal funding aka Tax Payer money …. these are jobs that are not sustainable and do not really build the econmey as we have seen over the last 4 years when the stimulus package Obamam pushed and DeLauro voted for wasted nearly a $1 trillion dollars on things from failed “green” companies to Billions of dallars sent overseas to stimulate counties like Finland…..and finally she was consistent and answered the last question about funding improvments to the New Haven airport and she agreed with it that she would defintiely fund it with Federal dollars aka US taxpayer money….while Wayne he would work with Local officails on ways the improvements could be funded without always falling back to using Federal dollars / taxpayer money to fund all these project b/c we just do not have the money. DeLauro has led the way to almost $6 trillion being added to the Debt over the last 4 years and no budget being passed except by the Republican led congress and blocked by the Dem senate who have ignored US law which requires a budget be passwed every year….Wyane showed that the people are the answer to our success indvidually and as a country…NOT the Govt!!
    Thanks Wayne….and God bless you and our great country…


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