Miles of Smiles

If you are camera shy, then television news is not for you.   In addition to being in front of video cameras, we also have to pose for still photographs, that are used in promotional materials, billboards, and perhaps later as bird cage liners.

Over the years, I have posed for thousands of professional pictures for various stations (this one above was shot in 1988,) and this week at WFSB we had yet another photo session.    Denise and I have been through so many of these things, we try to have as much fun as possible to break up the monotony of an hour of permasmile.       We did catch official station photographer Brian Ambrose and his assistant Kate holding back a few giggles, so we must have done something comical.

For some of these shoots, they give us a prop.  In Hena Daniels’ case..a football.

So what about the old pictures?   They are packed away in the archives where shots of anchors past and present sit in drawers sharing a room with ancient fiilm, videotape and props.     Denise and I are still wondering why we need floor to ceiling chain link fence in the archives,  unless of course there are Dobermans that live upstairs brought in by security after we go home.

Denise was amused to find her antique trading cards, stacked alongside vintage pictures of Gayle King, Mika Brzezinski, Pat Sheehan and other Channel 3 alumni.    She seemed puzzled at this picture, which could be a publicity shot for someone on “Knots Landing.”

More old shots:

Denise from her Cleveland days, early 80s. 

Here I am in Rockford, Illinois in 1989

and in Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo in 1991

Hartford 1995

benefit of working with your wife?  you get a nice portrait!

Kara Sundlun 2000

Mika Brzezinski  1993

Gayle King 1990

Hilton Kaderli 1990

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  1. Wow! It’s cool to see Mika and Gayle now on the national stage. Those photos bring back childhood memories. Especially Hilton……. Remember gullywhompers?


  2. SOOOO COOL To See The “Older” Pics!!! Trying Not To Make You Feel Like You Are Aging~~LOL!!!!!


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