What to Expect in the Fall Campaign

Now that the primary is over,  the general campaign is well underway.   Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy are attacking each other in television ads, the parties are getting ready for their national conventions, and the state is waiting to hear from Chris Donovan.

The House Speaker has not said whether he will endorse Elizabeth Esty, the woman who beat him on August 14th, or whether he’ll remain on the ballot on the Working Families Party line.   

On this week’s Face the State we talk about the Donovan issue with the president of the Connecticut AFL-CIO John Olsen, and the executive director of the Working Families party, Lindsay Farrell.    Farrell talks about her party’s endorsement, which, if Donovan drops out, does not automatically go to Elizabeth Esty.    

 Also look for a comment by Olsen that is sure to create a war of words between the state’s best known progressive blog, My Left Nutmeg, and the unions.     Olsen called the blogger who runs the site, “a lunatic.”

We are also joined by Republican Chris Healy and Democrat John Droney, former chairmen of their respective parties.   During our taping, there were some great exchanges between the two about the senate race, Donovan, and the state of the two parties.   

Join us for Face the State this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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