Face the State Flashback: the 1994 Democratic Convention

It’s only fitting for this Sunday’s live edition of Face the State devoted to the Democratic State Convention that our flashback is from a past convention.

This Sunday, we take you back to 1994, when John Larson received the party endorsement in the race for governor.   Larson edged out Bill Curry at the convention, then chose then Bridgeport Mayor and Democratic rising star Joe Ganim as his running mate.

Politicos know the rest of the story.     Larson went on to lose the primary to Curry, who went on to lose to John Rowland in the general election.  Ganim was widely expected to be the party’s nominee for governor in 1998, but a corruption scandal, and ultimately prison,  ended that.     Larson made a political comeback with an election to congress in ’98, and went onto to become one of the most powerful members of the House.      Curry lost to Rowland again in 2002, ending his political career.

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  1. Where was Lee Whitnum @ Dem convention? No delegates, no campaign materials, no nominating speechs. Did she get it confused with the Republican one – again? Guess she is not as credible as some have thought!


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