Weicker: One Party Rule to Blame for State's Fiscal Mess, GOP Irrelevant

The Republicans have lost nine U.S. senate elections in a row in Connecticut.   This week on Face the State were  joined by the last Republican to win a senate seat,  Lowell Weicker.    

Weicker, who turns 81 next month,  delivered a blunt assessment of the Connecticut Republican party:  they are irrelevant.    However, due to the irrelevance of the state GOP, according to Weicker, the Democrats are solely to blame for the financial mess our state is in.

“There is no reason why the state of Connecticut should be in the fiscal condition that  it is in.  It is there, literally, because we have a one party state.  The Republicans have become irrelevant to the constituency which is Connecticut.” 

Weicker, a Republican who later turned independent and was elected governor, stressed his support for President Obama,  but suggested the President may be the only Democrat he supports this year.   “I want to do everything I can to see the Republicans succeed in the legislature, the house and senate, maybe some of the other races.”

Weicker also talked about his career, Governor Malloy,  the senate candidates and the debates.   He was very impressed by Brian K. Hill and Hill’s call that the GOP spend some time in the cities.     Hill also got a shout out on Face the State during our analysis segment with Don Pesci and Colin McEnroe.

You can watch the entire interview with Lowell Weicker, right here: http://www.wfsb.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=7088307

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  1. It took 300 years for the Connecticut budget to reach $7 Billion, then it took only 20 years more, to spend $14 Billion more. It was a Republican governor who gave us the Sales Tax. It was a governor of Republican pedigree that gave us a broad based State Income Tax, while giving tax relief to his wealthy friends. I believe that both Rowland and Rell busted through the spending cap, with Rell being the worse offender. In this state, Republicans talk a game of small government and low taxes, until they get a relevant role.


    • I know it’s fun to blame the other party but the Governor has about as much power as the President. It’s all in who has the majority and how much of a majority they have.


    • The most embarrassing political behavior I can recall occured during the Watergate investigations when Democrat operative Wicky-Wiker asked the most asinine questions while trying to grab the spotlight. What a maroon.


  2. Weiker should be banished from this state for instituting a state income tax. Who is giving him the right to speak before the public that he betrayed?


  3. Weicker is cut from the same cloth as Dodd, Blumenthal, larson, Obama: Socialists all. He’s an independent like Joe Lieberman–both support the most anti-Israel, anti-private sector president evah!


  4. Whether or not you care for Weicker, the fact remains that Brian K. Hill, a conservative veteran, continues to impress people across Connecticut…and across the political spectrum. While Mr. Shays and Mrs. McMahon beat each other up, Hill focuses on common sense solutions to the many crises we face as a nation. This approach is not only a breath of fresh air in a “politics as usual” environment but it is a road map for victory in November. Please check out Mr. Hill’s website at http://www.briankhill.com for more information…it’s time for some “change” that actually makes sense.


  5. The only area of agreement I find with Weicker is his support for Brian K. Hill. We don’t need Shays or McMahon in DC. We need to reform our view of who represents us in Washington, because the same old, same old won’t get us out of the mess we’re in. Hill and other “regular folk”, who haven’t been a part of the corrupt Washington culture, and who can’t buy the election, are exactly who we need in the halls of government. Now, THAT would be change I could believe in. The next question is, why is Weicker supporting a conservative for the senate seat, while supporting the re-election of the most liberal president this country’s ever had? Is that what it means to be an independent?


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