Kudos to the Knox

Kara with Mayor Segarra and some of the Knox volunteers

Hartford lost 3,000 trees last year during Winter Storm Alfred.  This past weekend, 50 new ones were planted in their place, and more are on the way.

It’s all part of one of the capital city’s great organizations, the Knox Parks Foundation.   The Knox has been around since 1966, when Betty Knox created a trust to improve the city.  Her legacy is growing all over the city.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Knox Parks Foundation

This past weekend, we got two young cherry trees from the Knox Foundation, and helped plant them with the professionals from Knox and volunteers.    A backhoe digs the hoe and recipients of the trees are expected to grab a shovel and help, and then help their neighbors.

Kara had never planted a tree before, and while I did work as a landscaper during a college summer, I wisely took pointers from the Knox experts.

For more about the Knox Parks Foundation, and how to help go here:  http://www.knoxparks.org/

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  1. Our government weather services don’t name winter storms-why should WFSB?
    I think Fox-61 named it “Angie,” so let’s call it that instead. See where this leads? Everyone refers to it as the October Noreaster anyway. Quit naming winter storms!


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