Senator Edith Prague Suffers Stroke

State Senator Edith Prague (D-Columbia) has suffered a stroke on Christmas night and is hospitalized.     Prague’s daughter, Shelly Prague,  told Eyewitness News her 86 year old mother will likely be under the care of doctors for some time.     The senator is speaking, but is “extremely weak.”

Prague’s daughter told me she there have been calls of concern from Governor Malloy and Lt. Governor Wyman.  Earlier I reported the two had visited Prague in the hospital, but that was an apparent miscommunication between Shelly Prague and me.   Senator Prague is not  accepting visitors and the family does not want the name of the hospital released.

Shelly Prague also said her mother has been working diligently since the end of the legislative session helping constituents.  Recently, when she learned that an elderly constituent was eating cat food because she not afford groceries, the senator made a pot roast and made sure the woman was enrolled in the meals on wheels program.

More on the story tonight on Channel 3 Eyewitness News

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  1. This is a remarkable woman who has many accomplishments. I had the priviledge of shaking her hand this past October…she told me she loves what she does. I pray that she has a speedy recovery.


  2. Enough with the catfood eating old people stories. People eating pet food have mental problems, not financial ones. Hope she has a good doctor with lots of malpractice coverage.


  3. I hope the senator is able to recover, she is needed in the senate, my thoughts and prayers to the family.


  4. I’m a former Columbia resident (12 years). I would see Edith out jogging every morning on my way to work.We would wave to each other (2008). Blessings and healing to Edith and her family.


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