Santa, Skating, and 1,000,000 Lights

With just a week before Christmas, I highly recommend a trip to your capital city for the family.  

Make sure to check out the free skating rink at Bushnell Park, and visit with Santa Claus at the historic carousel.   Friends of mine were discouraged by the two hour wait for one of the mall Santas, so headed to Bushnell Park where their son saw Santa within minutes, and the picture was free.  Winterfest goes until the middle of February, so while Santa may head back to the North Pole, the rink will remain.    In the two hours some people waited at the mall, our kids sat on Santa’s lap, rode the carousel, skated and grabbed lunch at Vaughan’s. 

Also, don’t miss the  1 million lights at Holiday Light Fantasia at Goodwin Park.   $10 a car and all proceeds benefit the Channel 3 Kids Camp.

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