Bysiewicz Talks Tough in Laying out Campaign Plan

Democratic candidate for the U.S. senate Susan Bysiewicz does not support New Haven Mayor John DeStefano’s plan to allow illegal immigrants to vote in municipal elections.     In what is sure to be come a campaign issue, Bysiewicz became the first candidate in the race to comment on the controversial issue, saying  the mayor should hold off, and she called for immigration reform in Washington.

Bysiewicz made her comments during a taping of “Face the State with Dennis House,” and was also asked whether the United States should have destroyed the drone that is now being dismantled by the Iranians, searching for top secret data.     Bysiewicz’ view:   “It should have been destroyed.” 

The Middletown Democrat also talked about her plan to hold Wall Street more accountable, her support from the women’s group Emily’s List, and her opponents.  

UPDATE:  Here is the interview with Bysiewicz, that aired Sunday morning, December 18th on Face the State, only on Channel 3.


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  1. Dennis;

    In my opinion the Mayor is Aiding and Abed-ding illegal immigration in this country, and using taxpayers money to break the law, by allowing them access to city services by issuing them city ID cards.


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