In October Commish Conceded Scammers May Have Received Federal Storm Assistance

The findings that some state workers may have committed fraud related to federal assistance intended for the victims of Tropical Storm Irene, may not have surprised DSS Commissioner Roderick Bremby.  On Face the State on October 5th, Bremby conceded scammers may have received federal aid.

The long lines that snaked outside Department of Social Services offices the last week of September and first week of October  made headlines around the nation, even emblazoned across the Drudge Report.    When reports surfaced that some people were suspicious that some in line didn’t belong there, the program to reimburse low income people for storm damage became fodder for columnists and radio commentators.   

During the taping of the program, Bremby told me that most of the people who received aid from the government, were entitled to it.  However, he admitted there were some people who could have exploited the program and got money, but referred to those as ” a few people.”  

Bremby, an Army brat who grew up everywhere, and came to Connecticut from Kansas, is hoping to modernize the DSS, which he says is stuck in 1989.    

You can watch the entire interview with Bremby right here: 


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  1. Of course it was scammed, just like how section 8, foodstamps and welfare are scammed. With dems in office why would the scammers have to work? They just continue getting enetitlements


  2. we all know that welfare recipent do scam the state of CT. and the people that work and earn an honest dollar get Shit. that food benefit was a big farce last week no one has to have a brain in your head to figure that out.


  3. WOW!!! He sits there and tells us and there may have been a few scammers. NO!!!! Everybody there was scamming. What do you think is gonna happen when you give away other peoples hard earned money. Keep electing democrats people!!!! The state is already in the shithole.


  4. when i grew up & a “storm ” came in you prepared yourself! fill the bathtub up,check batteries etc.Since when does the govt. have to pay people for mother natures rath.I have two generators & home owners insurance.The govt. should be responsible for infrastructure that’s all! If you want to build on the beach get a good ins. policy & take your chances! my neighbor has a tenant on food stamps,who automatically received an extra $60.00 for food loss.He did not loose any because i supplied my neighbor with a generator!! The state gave the money out like candy!!


  5. Food Stamps are a Federal Benefit, not a State Benefit. It is financed by the Food and Nutrition Service. When the Federal Govt issues a directive to the State to administer a benefit, and gives guidelines to follow, the only thing a State can do is LISTEN. That is how a civil society works!! Regardless of if some people scammed the system or anyone feels that folks didn’t deserve any help, a lot of people are living in desperate circumstances!! If families or individuals are living below the poverty line, they were eligible for the one time Food Benefit. In the event of a really bad storm/Tornado, I wonder how much grief would be expressed if the Gov’t didn’t give a darn about if Citizens had food to eat!!! What a ridiculous concept, Gov’t actually caring about if people had enough food!!!! In my opinion, NOBODY IN AMERICA SHOULD GO HUNGRY/ NOBODY IN AMERICA SHOULD GO WITHOUT MEDICAL COVERAGE. It’s about time that AMERICANS stand up and allow for the country to fulfill the promise to all its citizens and take care of OURSELVES FOR A CHANGE!!!


  6. There has always been fraud in entitlements. People are only requested to state income and then if there is anything that pops up through the Department of Labor information, then they are given a chance to list the information. This should be changed. In my opinion, the DOL informaiton should instantly be looked at in order to keep people from receiving these benefits if they are not eligible, but also to keep them from having to pay anything back if they are even just a few dollars over and are going to have to pay anything back. It can not be that hard to look at the DOL system.


  7. They need to investigate the hundreds of ineligible people who stood on those lines for free foodstamps. It was a disgrace.. People who make six figures such as myself had the nerve to go and stand in those lines so they could receive a couple of hundred dollars..


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