CT GOP: DeLauro Should Choose Permanent Vacation

Most of the media in the state have been late (WFSB included)  to the story of Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and her whereabouts this week, and viewers have certainly called me on it.   DeLauro has been vacationing in Italy, while her constituents in East Haven, Milford, and other towns in her district have been living in misery after Irene wreaked unprecented havoc.     You can read more about DeLauro’s trip on www.ctcapitolreport.com

We’ve been accused of “giving DeLauro a pass,” considering the criticism other political leaders have received over the years for their roles (or lack thereof) in dealing with natural disasters.   Nearly 40 years ago, failure to return to Connecticut during an ice storm led to the political demise of Governor Thomas Meskill.  On the other hand, his successor, Ella Grasso became a legend for her leadership during the Blizzard of ’78.   From President Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision making during the big snow storm this past winter, politicians are often held accountable when the people they serve are suffering from the acts of Mother Nature.

DeLauro’s aide has told reporters the Congresswoman has been very busy working on the aftermath of the storm.  From her location on the Amalfi Coast, we are told DeLauro has been on conference calls and the like, and will be back in the district tomorrow to see the destruction first hand.     The chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party says six days after the storm hit is too late.   In a statement released tonight Jerry Labriola, Junior had this to say: 

“This is a perfect example of how out of touch Congresswoman Delauro is with the residents of her district and the needs of our state.  The Congresswoman should never have been abroad to begin with, rather in the district or at work addressing the ongoing unemployment crisis. On the other hand, given her continued endorsement of President Obama’s failed economic policies, perhaps our state would be better served if Delauro chose to take a permanent vacation”

No doubt DeLauro will face tough questions from reporters tomorrow. 

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  1. This is totally a stab at a terrific woman who has been there for her constituents through thick and thin…Shame on anyone for criticizing her in this partisan way…I for one am sick of the low blows the Republicans have come to in the past three years that are not only unfounded but totally self-serving and in many cases distortions of the facts!


  2. “Let them eat cake.” This is a perfect example of how out of touch DeLauro is, while many of us have been without power she has been on vacation in Italy. As many of us have been throwing out bad food from not being able to run our fridge, she’s been eating at expensive places on her vacation in Italy. As many people along the shore had their homes destroyed, she’s been enjoying the sun & sand on the beaches of Italy. It’s time the residents of this district replace DeLauro.


  3. Labriolas assesment of Rosa is not a critcism but a Charecterization of Rosas priorities. A critcism would buerse e Ros that Rosa knows she doesn’t have to be in her district because of the overwhelming majority of stupid Democrat voters that will continue to support her.


  4. To both Erik and Joe…Rosa DeLauro has represented her district for years and been voted in by INTELLIGENT people who know that she is a trusted and competent person who fights tirelessly for her constituents. for both of you to suggest otherwise is absurd and just goes to show what depths Republicans go to to discredit any Democratic representative or senator whether deserved or not and it is usually NOT!!!
    Joe, why would you want to make Democrats angry? Isn’t it time the petty bickering and name calling ended and we speak to each other as adults who actually care about our country and each other!


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