Tale of Two Towns & Their Take on Taxes

This is the first week of higher taxes in Connecticut, and many folks are receiving their first smaller paycheck.   This week on Face the State, we are joined by two up and coming lawmakers on opposite sides of the political aisle.

As to be expected, Republican State Representative Sean Williams and his colleague Democrat Geoff Luxenberg have very different views on the budget and taxes.  I asked them how their constituents were reacting to the tax increases.   Williams said his constituents are very unhappy; Luxenberg said his are okay with the changes.     

Both men do agree that more should have been done in the most recent legislative session.

Tune in this Sunday morning at 11AM for the complete discussion.

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  1. Democrat Geoff Luxenburg surrendered his responsibility as an elected representative of the people and gave up his power to the Governor.

    Of course he’s okay with increased taxes, more specifically he is okay with what ever the Governor did or does, because if he wasn’t, then he would have to admit he failed as a representative of the people.


  2. I am a registered republican who is generally disenfranchised with my party, as well as the democratic party. with the bi-partisan nonsense going on in this country, both are going to drive us further and further into oblivion. Both parties are completely full of baloney! No Representative Luxenberg, your constituents are not impressed by the democrats having to make the hard decisions to get the financial house in order, they are pissed off for having to pay higher taxes. and Representative Williams made one of the stupidest remarks I have ever heard when he said that he is against the tolls because all they do is “feed the beast.” He basically said that he is against bringing more money into the state coffers. The moron would rather cut our services than make more money? Really, who the heck does that serve.

    Both parties are only interested in their own political advantages. And caught in the middle, dealing with the fallout, are the citizens of Connecticut.


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