Exclusive: First Images of Adam Zachs During Extradition

Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive pictures of convicted killer Adam Zachs as he was being extradited from Mexico to Connecticut.     CBS News producer Susana Seijas worked closely with Mexican authorities to get the first images of Zachs as  he was handed over to two federal marshals from Connecticut and a West Hartford police officer.      In this photograph, the handcuffed Zachs is sitting near another prisoner.

A document released by the Mexican Attorney General also revealed an interesting nugget of information; aliases used by Zachs during his time on the run.   In February, Eyewitness News reported Zachs went by the name “Ruben Fridman,”  but court papers shown to us today reveal he also used the names “Mitchell Robertson,” and “Adam Birnbaum.”

In  the new picture, Zachs appears to be a little thinner than he was in February when this shot was taken on the day of his capture.   

Zachs has been in the notorious Reclusorio Norte prison since then.    After being flown from Mexico City to JFK Airport in New York, he was driven to Hartford where he will spend his homecoming in lockup.   He’ll face a judge at Hartford Superior Court in the morning.    Stay tuned to Eyewitness News for complete coverage and more exclusive details.

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