Scarborough on Malloy & Christie

Former Congressman Joe Scarborough, of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC weighed in this week on the comparison between Governor Malloy and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

During a taping of “Face the State,” Scarborough had this to say: 

We’ve had Governor Christie on.   Obviously I’m a small government conservative, that’s my tack.  Governor Malloy has come on and I think he has done a very good job basically saying New Jersey is doing it their way, but Connecticut is not New jersey, and he has gone a completely direction.   Do you know what I like about Governor Malloy and he will hate hearing this.  What he has in common with Chris Christie is they are both fighters.  If you want to do big things, in tough times like these, I’ve always said when I was in politics,  they can’t stop you if you are going 90 miles per hour, and you have to charge ahead and that is what both are doing.

You can watch the complete interview with Mika and Joe this Sunday at 11AM only on Channel 3.

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