Hartford Whalers

Hartford Whalers Fans in Chicago

Hartford Whalers gear is a great conversation piece, even hundreds of miles from the Constitution State.    While in Chicago,  I was amazed by how many people approached me to comment on my Whalers shirt.   No fewer than 10 people at Wrigley Field wanted to talk about major league hockey in Connecticut’s capital city, some were visiting from the homeland (the Cubs were playing the Yankees,)  others were fans from other cities who want to see the NHL restore a franchise to Hartford.

 My buddies Mark Miller and Mike Guerrieri showing the Whalers love  in the shadow of the Hancock Tower on the shores of Lake Michigan and on Michigan Avenue

Whalers gear has been a hot seller in the past year, and has been spotted on the celebrity bodies and heads from Megan Fox to Adam Sandler in his recent movie.    The increased visibility of the beloved logo has helped promote a renewed hope and effort for a return of the Hartford Whalers.

With that in mind, I had a crazy idea in Chicago.   We nearly bumped into Vince Vaughn on the street and I thought: “wouldn’t it be cool if he wore a Whalers hat for a picture?”    He was with some people and was soon lost in a sea of people on Michigan Avenue, but I think he would have done it.   After all, Vaughn is a hockey fan.  Next time.

plus: http://www.whalernation.tv/2011/06/msnbc-morning-joe-team-dons-hartford-whalers-caps.html

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