New Preston Ph.D. Running for 5th Congressional District

The race for the 5th congressional district features a field of no fewer than 8 candidates, and there is talk more could enter the race after the legislative session is over.    This week on Face the State, our guest is a political newcomer running for that seat, Democrat Dr. Mike Williams of New Preston.      

When Williams arrived at WFSB  for the taping, the first thing he said to me was “I grew up watching you.”   What a way to butter up the moderator by suggesting I am some sort of broadcast dinosaur!  Actually, that comment never bothers me.  When I hear it,  I realize it is usually said by a very loyal viewer, and it is a nice reminder that I am blessed to be employed, and have been for a long time.

Williams told me he is progressive, but if elected he will be responsible with spending.   That latter position will likely be taken by most Democrats running this year and next, as voters in Connecticut aren’t likely to cheer on a spendaholic in this era of 9+% unemployment.    During the taping Williams also talked about why he believes he is the best Democrat to replace Congressman Chris Murphy, and cited his work on the 2008 Obama campaign and work in Afghanistan as factors.

Other Democrats running for the 5th are Elizabeth Esty, Christopher Donovan, and Dan Roberti.  The Republican field includes Lisa Wilson-Foley, Justin Bernier, Mark Greenberg and Mike Clark

You can watch the entire interview with Mike Williams, this Sunday morning at 11,  only on Channel 3.

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