Blumenthal Settling into Senate

Richard Blumenthal has appeared on Face the State numerous times over the years, but is making his first appearance as senator this weekend.   Our interview began with a discussion about the transition from Attorney General, where he was in charge, to the U.S. Senate,  where he is one of a 100.  Blumenthal, used to getting instant responses from subpoenas, conceded he is learning that the senate moves very slowly.

We talked about Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, and I got his opinion on some of the local issues here in Connecticut that may need federal funding, with his help.   Also in our discussion, the next senate race for the seat held by Joe Lieberman.

You can watch the complete  interview this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State, only on Channel 3.

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  1. There are two quick and relatively painless ways to decrease the cost of energy, particularly at the pump: 1) increase the energy supply in those U.S. oil fields that have already been explored; 2) reduce taxes on energy. Sen. Blumenthal favors neither because in both cases government rather than energy consumers will take the hit. These would be the citizens of Connecticut that Mr. Blumenthal has pledged – about a dozen times in his brief interview with Mr. House – “to fight for.”


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