Murphy Willing to Debate Senate Opponents

Gone are the days of boring senate races in Connecticut.   Remember the races of 1986, 1994, even 2004?   I didn’t think so.   After the Lieberman Lamont slugfest of 2006 and tumultous 2010 campaign,  we’ve become accustomed to exciting senate races and 2012 should not disappoint.

For the Democrats, former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz was the first candidate in the race, with Congressman Chris Murphy jumping in two days later.    State Representative William Tong entered the race two weeks ago, and former state treasurer Frank Borges is still pondering a run.     As a journalist, this is an interesting field, and would make for a fascinating debate.

Congressman Murphy is our guest this weekend on Face the State and I asked him about debates.    He said he’d rather not debate this early in the campaign, but wouldn’t decline any invitations.    We also talked about his position on Afghanistan, a topic which Bysiewicz has accused him of waffling on.    Terrorist trials was another topic, and Murphy’s opposition to waterboarding.   He also said he would have voted for the Malloy budget had he been in the state legislature, stating that he was “proud of my governor.”

We also got Murphy’s thoughts on how his 5th district should be redrawn in the wake of the 2010 census, and about his endorsement in the race to replace him. 

As for Republicans in the senate race, all speculation centers on 2010 nominee Linda McMahon.   That subject also came up during our taping with Murphy, as did the historical possibilities of the race.   Connecticut has never elected a woman to the senate, or a minority, and I asked Murphy about that glass ceiling factor in 2012.   He told me he hopes a woman is elected in his lifetime, (but oviously not in ’12.)   For history buffs:    Democrats nominated Gloria Shaffer back in 1976, but was swamped by Lowell Weicker.   McMahon’s 44% of the vote is the most a woman has accomplished in a senate quest.

You can watch the entire interview with Congressman Murphy this Sunday morning at 11, only on Channel 3.

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  1. Politicians who oppose all the tools used to fight terrorists should just keep their pie hole shut instead of preening about results they had nothing to do with


  2. Obama’s (unconstitional) 60 days of bombing Libya ended yesterday. Please try to get all the candidates for Senate and CT-5 to provide their views on this “kinetic action” and the relevance of the War Powers Act.

    Who was that guy running against Dodd last year? Too bad we don’t have him this time. He’d make it interesting. Though, it appears Susie B is gonna try to make this one interesting too…


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