Field Grows in Hartford Mayoral Race

In 2007, there were about six or seven candidates at this point in the race for mayor of Hartford, and right now for 2011 there are four, including Mayor Pedro Segarra.    This Sunday on Face the State, we talk with Edwin Vargas, a former teacher.

Vargas is no stranger to city politics.   He ran unsuccessfully last year against State Senator John Fonfara.    During our interview Vargas talked about why he wants to be mayor, why he believes the current mayor needs to be replaced, and the former mayor Eddie Perez.

Tune in this Sunday at 11 for Face the State.

We’ll also talk about all things legislative with three esteemed journalists:  Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror, Rick Green of the Hartford Courant, and Brian Lockhart of the Stamford Advocate.   What a trio to make me look smart!

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  1. Dennis, correction, Vargas has run twice in Hartford and lost. Nice guy, but has a gruff personality and seems to rely too much on his resume as his reason for running. Decent guy, but like Wooden, should run for Council.


  2. No correction needed. Dennis is 100% correct in saying”He ran unsuccessfully last year…” and you are 100% correct in pointing out that he also ran (and lost) to Fonfara in ’08. You both wouldbe even more correct to say that Vargas was also very e ntrenched in Hartford politics back in the days of Maria Sanchez.

    But take all this correctedness away and I will point out one certain fact: Amongst all the current candidates, Edwin Vargas is the most in tune with the majority of Hartford’s residents. He truly is a man of the people but unfortunately has an impossible task due to the money factor in this competition.


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