State Representative Tong Interested In Lieberman Seat

State Representative William Tong (D) Stamford,  is considering running for the senate seat currently held by Senator Joe Lieberman.    Tong told me has been encouraged by friends and supporters and he is discussing a run with potential donors.  “Dennis, I am taking a hard look at this.”    Tong added that both Susan Bysiewicz and Chris Murphy are great candidates, but feels he could also make a strong candidate.  As we reported last week, former State Treasurer Frank Borges is also considering running.

Tong has a life story made for a campaign ad.   He is the son of immigrants from China, and later worked in his father’s Chinese restaurant in Hartford.   Tong went to Brown University, then the University of Chicago Law School where one of his professors was none other than Barack Obama.    In fact, Tong represented Obama in two appearances on “Face the State” in 2008, and proved to be a dynamic debater. 

In early 2009, Tong was a finalist for the position of U.S. Attorney for Connecticut.       If he  elected, he would be the first Asian American Senator from Connecticut.    Tong says expect a decision within a month.   

Christine Stuart of ctnewsjunkie.com has more:  http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/ctnj.php/archives/entry/rep._tong_considers_u.s._senate_run/

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