Subject of Draft Movement Won’t Rule Out Senate Run


When people talk about the Senate race and potential Republican candidates you hear the names Linda McMahon, Rob Simmons and Michael Fedele.  Add a new name to the mix:  State Senator Scott Frantz. 

Frantz is the subject of a draft movement, urging him to run for the seat now held by Senator Joe Lieberman.     There is even a website  www.draftfrantz.com

Frantz represents Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan, but is fairly well known in political circles around the state.  He served as Chairman of the board of Bradley International Airport, and played a major role in recruiting airlines to start up service to Europe.    In fact, his last appearance on Face the State was in 2007 to talk about that very subject.    Some Republicans argue Frantz would also be a formidable candidate because of his ability to raise money and self fund.

During our taping, Frantz told me he had “no plans” to run for the senate, but said he wouldn’t rule it out.    He also provided some interesting analysis of why McMahon lost last year, and why she could win if she runs in 2012.

You can watch the entire interview this Sunday morning at 11.    Read more about Senator Frantz from Neil Vigdor at the Greenwich Time. 


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  1. I thoroughly like and respect Linda McMahon, but I just don’t believe she can win–no fault of hers, but the wrestling association is too strong and damaging. With her charm and her savvy, she can help the party in other ways than running.

    We should look for fresh candidates. Scott Frantz to my mind is ideal: smart, articulate, solidly conservative, with a record in office and the means to spread his message. If he goes looking for support, he will find it.


  2. “Some Republicans argue Frantz would also be a formidable candidate because of his ability to raise money and self fund”

    This completely misses the point. Scott Frantz would be an excellent candidate because of his personality and his ability to talk about the issues in a way that everyone understands and agrees with him.


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