Governor Malloy Talks Budget on Face the State

How would like to be Governor of a state of a state with a population that isn’t exactly growing, saddled with a $3.5 billion deficit, and a reputation as being unfriendly to business?  Most people would run the other way, but Governor Malloy is relishing these tough times.

His budget address this week has been the talk of the state and beyond all week.    Tax hikes, and job cuts have the Governor on the hotseat, being criticized by citizens, Republicans, his own party, and organizations that usually walk hand in hand with the Democratic party.      

During  a taping of Face the State,  I  talked with the Governor about the budget, but didn’t crunch numbers with him.  We and other journalism organizations have done that all week.   The Governor talked about why he proposed what he did, and what might be next.  I asked him how he was coping with all the criticism, and whether he has received any threats.

I asked that because  Governor Malloy came to our studios with an unprecedented security entourage, not necessarily unprecedented for a state chief executive, but rather something we’ve never seen before here at Channel 3.    

We discussed the impact the Governor’s budget proposal might have on his party’s chances next week in the special elections.

You can watch the entire interview this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State.

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  1. If the state employee’s take a wage freeze for the next two years. Will the retiree’s continue to get there cost of liviing increase 3.25% a year. Shared the pain the answer should be NO.

    Glenn Keegan


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