Would Nostalgia for JFK Help Ted Kennedy, Jr.?

President John Kennedy with his children, nieces and nephews in 1963.   Ted Kennedy, Jr. is standing far left in the front row.

My post last week about the potential senate candidacy of Ted Kennedy, Jr. was one of my most read entries in a while, and I received plenty of comments and e-mails about it.   The link to that report is below.  If Kennedy runs, the campaign would coincide with copious 50th anniversary commemorations of his uncle’s presidency.    The Branford Democrat would be the first Kennedy to appear on a Connecticut ballot since 1960. 

One viewer asked me how many people even remember the days of President Kennedy,  arguing most people know about the Kennedy administration solely through history books.  

According to the Secretary of the State’s office,  the state currently has 288,690 registered voters who were old enough to have voted for John Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election.   For that matter, old enough to have voted for Richard Nixon.   Kennedy won Connecticut with 53.7% of the vote to Nixon’s 46.3%. 

Many more voters certainly can remember President Kennedy, even though they weren’t old enough to have voted for him.    Denise D’Ascenzo was a child when Kennedy was assassinated yet vividly remembers that horrible day and other moments of his presidency.   

At last check there were roughly 2,000,000 registered voters in Connecticut.   The 288,690 Kennedy/Nixon  figure will of course be smaller by November 2012 as some voters die off between now and then.   

Still. a decent chunk of the electorate voting next year will be able to remember the Kennedy era, but it is anyone’s guess how many remember it fondly, and whether its association with Ted Kennedy, Jr. would sway them in their decision making process as they choose a senator. 

On the eve of the 1960 election, John Kennedy came to downtown Hartford for a last minute campaign stop at the Hartford Times Building.  If Ted Kennedy, Jr. decides to run for the senate, I’m sure one of his advisors will be suggesting that historic building as the place to kick off the campaign. 

Why Kennedy Might Run, and Why He Might Not: http://dennishouse.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/why-ted-kennedy-jr-might-run-and-why-he-might-not/

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  1. At the Love Field Airport, I waited outside ( behind a cox fence) as John Kennedy accompanied by his wife landed in Dallas, Texas. It was the most memorable event I saw , Nov. 22, I wish I could have warned Jack Kennedy not to go Downtown Dallas. I saw the Pres. about 11:30 AM. I was close enough to shake Kennedy’s hand, but the crowd pushed me and my hands were in my pocket on that winter’s day. My last rememberance was Jack and Jackie Kennedy (in a pretty pink dress) both Johnson and his wife Ladybird, walking past me. My wish is to have warned Kennedy ” Don’t go Downtown “. I had no premonition about him being shot. This is my story, few people alive have experienced what I saw. President Kennedy smiling so , on a clear Sunny day at Love Field, Dallas.


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