The Debate over Sunday Liquor Store Openings

A law that has been in effect since the 1700s might be repealed in 2011.  Governor Dannel Malloy has said if the legislature approves it, he will lift the ban on Sunday liquor store openings.

This Sunday at 11AM on Face the State, we present both sides of the issue.   Carroll Hughes is here representing the Connecticut Package Stores Association.  He wants the ban to continue.   On the other side is State Representative Kathy Tallarita, Democrat of Enfield.  She wants the ban lifted.

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  1. Dennis,

    Have been watching the conversation about allowing “liquor” to be sold on Sundays and allowing package stores to be open. One thing no has mentioned is that in NYS Liquor stores do not sell beer. Beer has always been available in grocery stores and there is no 9PM limit. On Sundays, you can buy beer after 12 noon. Sunday sales at liquor stores is only recent.

    It would be nice to be able to purchase a six pack in the event you have unexpected company.


  2. I was watching the piece on Liquor Sales on Face The State and the guy you had on there should have done his homework. Maybe he should some Sunday jump in his car and go to Mass. and check out how many cars are in the parking lots of the liquor stores. I was up there a month ago and at quarter to 12 I saw at least 16 vehicles waiting for them to open. Out of the 16, 12 of those vehicles were Connecticut cars. So this is tax dollars being lost from CT. Since they are over there they are probably buying their gas too, shopping, and spending even further money on eating out in Mass. So again this is more tax dollars being lost. By opening Connecticut liquor stores on Sunday it will encourage Connecticut residents to STAY and SHOP in the state. This is the opportunity to generate jobs in Connecticut on top of bringing MORE revenue to small business owners which will more than cover the cost to pay staff to be there on Sundays. I saw another piece on Channel 8 two weeks ago how they interviewed a woman who owned a liquor store in Enfield, CT. and how she said it would cost $15,000.00 annually to open on Sundays. If your open from 12 Noon to 5 Pm. and just say you have 2 employees working those hours making no more than $10 an hour, if that, which comes to a little over $5,000.00 a year, so I don’t know how that woman came to that figure. Plus, Electricity has to be on anyways to keep products cold so you might as well be open. This is not the 50’s or 60’s people need jobs and this is a great way to generate jobs. I would much rather have a person on a Sunday who runs out of alcohol go to a package store and drink at home, then to go out to a bar and be out on the road afterwards potentially driving under the influence.
    I caught a little bit on your show where you were talking about Barber shops being open on Sundays, Things are changing and you can now get a haircut on a Sunday. And it’s not just at the Malls. So Why should buying alcohol on Sundays be any different. Money is Money.


    • Obviously, you are a person who needs to check your details in your writing a little closer…how can being open on Sundays generate jobs? You said that it would cost about 5000 annually to have 2 people working on Sundays…you obviously didn’t take into consideration that you have to pay insurance for those employees as well as your extra utilities that you have on during the course of a day. Furthermore, have you ever run a liquor store? Running it with two people not only does an injustice to the service you can provide to your customers, but it is not safe! If you ran out of beer on a Sunday watching your favorite football team or baseball team playing and thought it a good idea to go out and grab a six pack, then isn’t that just as bad as going to a bar and having a few beers with your friends? Bottom line is this, even alcoholics need a day off, and if that is not enough reason then get ready to pay more for your beer and liquor because prices will go up in CT to cover the cost of being open an extra day and thus people will still go to Mass. anyway to get their six pack of beer and cheap gas!


  3. Not selling liquor on sundays makes absolutely no sense. Convenience stores and in some cases, grosery stores still sell alcoholic bevereges. apart from the fact that if anybody really wants to drink liqour on sundays, they can buy the bottle the day before. Bottom line, not selling liqour on sundays is hurting the economy for liqour stores, but not preventing people from actually drinking, thus making the law completely useless.


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