Pay it or Fight it?

Kara and I would never intentionally park in a handicapped spot, never ever.     This past weekend we were out in my hometown of Norwood, Massachusetts when a car pulled out of a spot and we pulled in.    It was 9 oclock at night or so, and of course, dark.   When we got back to the car we noticed a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped spot.   

The next day we took this picture.   The sign was parallel to the spot, and we just didn’t notice it.   Someone  put a sticker over the universal symbol for handicapped parking.  

The ticket is $100.    What do you think?  Should I pay it without question, or fight it?    Is the covered symbol grounds for a fight?

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  1. Were you parked so the back end of your car wasn’t beyond the sign? If so, I think I would fight it due to the symbol being covered. However, I guess you are lucky you didn’t get towed, as that is what the sign reads!


  2. I’d fight it because it’s confusing. I think the Handicapped Parking sign should be somehow merged with the other one. I would think that regular parking is in the direction where the arrow is pointing, and that handicapped parking is on the other side. Really, this is why I just end up walking half the time. Less confusion for me.


  3. As a couple, my wife and I are both HANDICAPPED. I have a Handicap van with a full platform lift (Sticks out almost 4 feet) and my wife is blind.

    We take nothing for granted. We are both advocates for the Handicapped. And as such appalled when someone steals our parking spaces.. GRRRRR!!

    In this case, the city should have maintained more control over the signs and never made them this questionable.. I side with you and the Roadmaster.. Fight it!! Whats to lose??.

    A co-worker drove me to MA years back parked at a rest area with my CT Handicap placard we got stopped when he jumped over the curb.. 15yrs ago they didn’t have reciprocity with CT better luck now..


    John and Anne West
    Southington, CT


  4. I would fight it my self!! I am handicapped myself!? And I wouldn’t have known that was a handicapped spot! Go for it Dennis!!!



  5. I am sorry, I would pay it. even with the symbol covered, it is blue and clearly states that it is a handicap parking spot.


  6. I really don’t understand, there’s a blue sign that says handicapped parking on it. How are you not at fault?


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