Baldwin: New Arena not Necessary for NHL Return to Hartford

          Howard Baldwin in front of the Hartford Civic Center (now the XL Center)  in the 1970s

There is a new era dawning at the State Capitol with a new Governor taking over in 6 weeks.  Ditto at  Hartford City Hall where a new mayor is making some big changes.  The same story across town at the XL Center, where former Hartford Whalers owner Howard Baldwin is back, marketing the state’s newly renamed minor league hockey team, the Connecticut Whale.

It is no secret Baldwin’s ultimate goal is to resurrect the NHL in Hartford.     Make no bones about it, that is one uphill battle, but Baldwin believes it can be done.  During  a taping of Face the State, Baldwin talks about what it will take to restore a Hartford Whalers team here.   He surprised me by saying a new arena isn’t an essential part of the equation, and during the taping he explained why.   His argument  is fascinating, and that should sit well with lawmakers who might be hesitant to help fund a new arena.

You can watch the entire interview with Howard Baldwin this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State.

Also, Real Hartford has the story of a new Whalers store that just opened on Pratt Street.  http://www.realhartford.org/2010/11/24/storefront-filled-on-pratt-street/

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  1. While I would love to see the NHL return to Hartford (as well as Quebec), a new arena is a MUST. Gary Bettman and his errand boys will never grant expansion or allow relocation without a modern facility. Just ask Winnipeg.


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