Lt. Governor-elect Nancy Wyman Recovering from Face the State

This Sunday on Face the State, we have our first interview since the election with Lieutenant Governor-elect Nancy Wyman, shown here with some local girl scouts who were visiting our weather department.   

Wyman talked about the budget numbers and repeated what Governor-elect Malloy has been saying:  that this new administration will be honest about the fiscal problems the state is now mired in.    Malloy and Wyman have both said Governor Rell and legislative leaders were not truthful about just how bad things are.

I also asked her if she and the Governor-elect are prepared to serve just one term.   During teh campaign many politicos were saying whoever was elected was inheriting a mess, and should not expect to  be re-elected.    There’s a joke going around that one of Tom Foley’s advisors told him, “the bad news is you weren’t elected governor.  The good news is you weren’t elected governor.”

We hope the Lt. Governor rests this weekend.  Wyman was battling a cold, and suffered a minor coughing fit that required we take a quick commercial break.   After some water (from the Face the State mug) and a cough drop, the interview continued.  Happens to all of us!

You can watch the entire interview with Nancy Wyman, this Sunday morning at 11 on Face the State

Wyman talked about

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