Dem’s Advice for Malloy: Tax Low Income People

The next Governor will inherit quite a budget mess and a deficit of $3.5 billion.   Both Dan Malloy and Tom Foley have lacked specifics when it comes to exactly how they plan to balance the budget, but come  January 5th one of those men will have to get very specific, very quickly. 

During a taping of Face the State,  we had two municipal leaders offer their take on what the next governor must do.    Democrat Susan Bransfield, First Selectwoman of Portland.  talked about Malloy, and Republican Mayor Jason McCoy of Vernon offered some advice for Foley.   Both have met with the candidates of their party.

Bransfield’s straighforward approach to the issues in her growing town have gained her the respect of many in her party.   She is also the president of the Connecticut Council of Small Towns.

McCoy’s leadership  caught the eye of Governor Rell, and he is considered a rising star in the state GOP, likely to be encouraged to run for statewide office in the next decade. 

Bransfield told me Malloy should look at  the income tax, and she recommends he should change the state income tax so those earning under a certain income level will no longer be exempt from paying taxes.    “I happen to believe that everyone should contribute to the income tax.  I know there are people who don’t pay below a certain level, but I believe to have full input… to be part of the state,  you have to pay a portion of your income to the state of Connecticut,” Bransfield said.  

McCoy sees deregulation as something Foley should consider, along with putting the state unions on a par with the private sector.   

You can see the entire interview this Sunday at 11 on Face the State

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  1. Dear Susan Bransfield,

    Please on’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    Just so you know, there is already a new party for Democrats who hate Democrats. It’s headed by your soul-mate, Joe Lieberman.

    How familiar are you, in reality, with CT’s state income tax? Yes, it’s somewhat progressive, but not that progressive. (the first $13,000 in income is exempt, and the next $20,000 is taxed at 3% instead of 5%.)

    So it’s true that if you make less than the poverty line, you pay no income taxes. And if you make only $600/week, the state takes 3% instead of 5%.

    But is that really your way of balancing the budget? Taxing someone who makes minimum wage at the same rate as someone who makes $200,000?

    I’d say shame on you. But my guess is you’re not diabolical, but instead just plain stupid, — and that this is your way of playing to both sides.

    You still deserve an award….


  2. Taxing people below poverty line is pointless, but allowing people who have no tax liability to decide how I should be taxed and what they should receive from taxing me is just as absurd imo.


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