Always Check your Grammar

“Nothing undermines your credibility more than a misspelling or grammatical mistake.”    Those were the words of a former news director here at WFSB after a silly mistake made it into a broadcast. 

Denise, Al, and I can’t stand when we see words spelled incorrectly or plurals and possessives being mixed up.   For example, I have seen  a menu that said “Appetizer’s,” or read something that said “check the cities website for more information on trash collection.”    It happens more than you think. 

Check out this bumper sticker that totally negates the message the driver was hoping for: 

It should read “Time to trim the Bushes,” referring to the now former presidents.    The last one left office in January 2009.  That’s  a long time to be riding in a car with a bumper sticker that would get an “F” in 5th grade English class.

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  1. Great post, Dennis. I’m with you 100 percent on this.

    My pet peeve from TV newscasters is ” completely destroyed. ” One too many words in a business where economy is THE word.


  2. how about all broadcasters, the general public, professionals & non professionals say he goes, she goes where they going???


  3. You are right Dennis, we all are guilty of grammer mistakes from time to time. I know that I have made my share of mistakes.



  4. I love the bumper sticker. And, on a Subaru, no less. I do think the guy at wfsb exaggerated; grammatical/spelling errors isn’t the worst thing for one’s credibility. But, they doesn’t help.
    How about this anonymously posted at Brookman’s blog for local hartford mis-political (dys-political?) docs and dialog.
    “It’s times like these that society is challenged to remember that Mr. Morales is innocent until proven otherwise. If true, one can only be relieved that the young man involved had the opportunity to flea and that the encounter did not proceed any further.”


  5. correction:
    “How about this…”
    Rhetorical question, but still deserves a question mark, ain’t it?


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