Obama, Pelosi Ties to be used Against Himes & Murphy

It’s no secret we’ll have a red hot senate race this fall, and a tough fight for governor, but some of the congressional races in our state will also be must-see politics.   State Republicans are hopeful they’ll pick up at least two congressional seats this November.   This Sunday on Face the State, we’ll talk with two candidates who have their eyes on the two potentially vulnerable  members of the Connecticut congressional delegation.

A recent Quinnipiac poll had some discouraging news for Democrats.   President Obama’s approval ratings here in Connecticut have been in a steady decline for the past year, from 71 % in April 2009 to 50 % this month.       It was 55 %  in January.  Should the trend continue, the President’s approval ratings will undoubtedly be in the 40s come the November election, hardly good news for Democrats trying to get re-elected.   The sub- 50%  area is a murky danger zone no politician wants to be in.

State Senator Dan DeBicella of Shelton, the Republican nominee running against freshman Congressman Jim Himes is well aware of this.   On Sunday’s show,  DeBicella lays out his strategy for beating Himes: linking him to President Obama, whose approval rating in the 4th district has now fallen below 50%.  

Also on the program this Sunday: State Senator Sam Caligiuri, facing two term Congressman Chris Murphy in the 5th district.   Caligiuri plans to tell voters that Murphy is more in step with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi than he is with the citizens of the 5th.   

Tune in this Sunday at 11AM for “Face the State.”

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  1. 2010

    Building a new majority in the House of Representatives is the most direct route to bringing balance to a government that is spinning out of control on spending, taxes, and regulation. Jim Himes is part of the problem who consistently votes with Nancy Pelosi whenever she needs him. Dan Debicella is part of the solution because he is challenging a vulnerable freshman in a pivotal district in one of the most competitive election battles in the country. Whether or not you live and vote in Fairfield County, the vote in this district could have a big impact upon your family and your country.

    Dan has a different set of values – in his own words, he is running for Congress “to restore the values of free enterprise and individual liberty to Washington. Fairfield County families want practical solutions on the economy, healthcare, and transportation. I will use my background as a businessman and a State Senator to implement new ideas togged our economy growing again and create jobs for our families”.

    Over vocal opposition from voters, the current Congress has pushed measures that are making our country poorer, more vulnerable, and less free. It is time to push back. We hope you will consider joining us. If you are interested in learning more about Dan, check out his website ( http://www.debicella.com ). If you would like to help contribute to Dan’s general election campaign, please do so here: https://debicella.blue-swarm.com/donate.


    • Once again Mr DeMouth has exposed his pointless partisanship, while at the same time identifying a key reason to support Jim Himes…He works with leadership. Mr Dibicella has built an undeniable record in the State Senate of blindly voting no, in an attempt to derail the Democrats, while hurting the state at the same time.

      The biggest threat to Connecticut’s economy is the closure of the Sub base orthe cancellation of the current sub contract for a sub the Navy itself has said it doesn’t want, along with overall cut-backs in defense spending. We need the most connected and powerfull team in Washington to fight for Connecticut. We won’t have Chriss Dodd and Rob Simmons in Washington to protect Connecticut.

      Even Tom Foley recognized this by announcing that Simmons will head up his team to protect our piece of the pie.

      Jim Himes is going from town to town, listening to the voters, and educating them to the dire straights of our economy. This is leadership, not like some who can only offer up no votes.


  2. All 5 progressive liberal democrates NOT representing CT citizens need to be voted out: Himes, Larson, DeLauro, Murphy and Courtney!!!!

    Vote out all incumbents on Nov 2.


  3. Murphy should be asked what he was doing at the left wing blogger convention where with Pelosi he was pushing the ‘progressive agenda’ of the Dems that has failed this country. He sided with Pelosi on every major bill including healthcare. His representation along with the other Dems from CT have only been able to get back to CT 69% of ever dollar we send to DC. They have failed CT.


  4. We need to send Hartford and Washington a message this fall, if you vote for a bigger government and higher taxes we will vote you out! We need a government who will respect the will of the people and do what’s right for us.. They don’t understand the majority still rules in this country and the majority will speak this fall!


  5. Sam Caliguiri is wrong on the Bush tax cuts and Chris Murphy. The Bush tax cuts is what got us into our budget problem. First it gave the money to corporations to move the good paying middleclass overseas. Now we do not have the tax base because of it. Chris Murphy wrote and is sponsoring the buy American bill in congress that has support on both sides. And Congressman Murphy has also worked to try to keep Cheshire Pratt & Whitney open. Most of that work would be moved to Singapore. And Pratt will get tax breaks to it. As for Sam Caliguiri he just anther no guy. He has not been able to work together to get our budget problem in Ct. fixed. What makes us think he will be able to any good of us in Washington with his track record of NO.


  6. Any congressman or congresswoman with ties to Pelosi deserves to be voted out. Bye Bye Himes, Murphy.


  7. Mike- The Bush tax cuts were used to help us recover from the Clinton Tech Bubble bursting and 9/11. Without them we would heva in much worse shape all through the Bush terms. We had a growing economy through 2007 with low unemployment rate. In 2008, when the Dems took over Congress things started going bad, They watched subprime happen and did nothing. They stopped legisation of Fannie and Freddie that the administration wanted. Murphys far left agenda is like Pelosi’s and it has failed. Everything the Dems have tried to make big govt drive the economy has failed and is wrong. Murphy needs to go because his progressive ideology is wrong for this country.


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